Friday, August 24, 2012

My Hospital Stay OR Why BOTH of us were admitted

Here's the story of my week:

In preparing for total knee replacement on Monday August 20, I told my husband I needed him with me much more than last time, when he spent about 20 minutes a day with me after work.  He took this week off from work so he could be at my side as much as I needed.  I also told him to get a good book or two, as he would mostly be sitting in my room.

The day before we worked for 3 hours in the yard, as usual, and he didn't drink anything while doing that--I drink a lot of water each time we work out there.  Monday morning he had a small breakfast before we left for the hospital at 5 am.  I reminded him to bring a book, but, no, he'd be fine.  So, while I'm in surgery, he decides to give blood!  He did not drink anything afterward, saying he'd be fine and would drink something later. 

I got to my room about 11 am, feeling pretty good considering the major surgery I'd just had.  At noon I told him I was a little woozy and he said he was too.  I turned to look at him, he was very pale, and then he said "Hit the call button".  It took a second for me to get what he was saying but when I looked at him again, he was totally passed out, pale as a ghost, jaw slack, head hung back.  Gone.  I buzzed for help, RNs come right in but go to me first, thinking I'm the one with the problem then see him.  "CAll for the crash cart!"  Many people come running and fortunately, my nurse, Adam, remembered Will said he had given blood.  They got juice into him and had to persuade him to go to the  ER--at first, he said "No, I'll be..."  Yep, FINE!  They take him to ER and more than 8 hours later he was admitted for further monitoring.  He was a patient until Wednesday noon when he went home to shower, change, grab lunch and come back.  I didn't see him during this time though we spoke on the phone from time to time.  So I can't say he wasn't in the hosptial with me this time, he just wasn't "with" me!

I had to call my local son to have him go to the ER to stay on top of the situation there.  His wife arrived mid-afternoon, so they could split their time between us.  They contacted my Nashville son, who arrived at 11:15 pm, once Will was admitted.  He only stayed until the next morning but at least my husband could quit worrying about the house!  Joshua has a wedding to shoot in Marfa, TX today and tomorrow so he flew to Austin yesterday and just couldn't stay with us any longer. 

The good part of this is that I didn't worry about myself at all--everything went very well for me.  Until he was admitted I just tried to prepare myself for seeing medical personnel and a chaplain come to me.  He could have been gone, he now realizes that, and it was just lucky that he was sitting in a hospital room when he blacked out.

I got home yesterday, have done well with hospital therapy and home therapy today.  I mananged to get the same home therapist I had 5 years ago, I really like her and was glad she was still there. 

Each day will see some improvement and eventually, I'll be better than I was.  It's a very slow process but I know I will get there.  No photos this post--you don't really want to see a big bandage on my knee, right? 

Now I'll take a little nap, then dinner--he's being extra sweet to me now!  It's hard for a patient who prefers to be left alone to be all about the needs of a patient who wants to be taken care of!  He's doing better each day.  But I think he was relieved when I told him a little while ago, he should plan to return to work Monday--I've got quilting friends coming each day to make/bring my lunch, and with therapy twice a day, and resting in between, I'll be "FINE"!

Please quilt something this weekend and think of me--I may not be up to working on all the projects I prepared just yet!



  1. That's a great story Barbara and I wish you a speedy recovery with your knee surgery. That's the way we are: I am the "non-patient" type and Rod's the "take care of me" type. Good thing we're a couple! Looking forward to seeing you in Houston.

  2. Bless his heart -- did they decide it was just the giving blood and no fluids? Gracious! Looking forward to Tuesday!! :)

  3. Oh My. Glad he is is FINE now. Hope your knee isn't giving you too much trouble and you are up and dancing around soon. Quilting friends to take care of you will make the healing so much better.