Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Design Wall--Tuesday September 25, 2012

What happened to Monday?  With therapy 3 times a week out of the house and 3 times a day at home, I guess I'm getting busy again.  Here's what I did this week:

The first four Grandmother's Choice blocks to celebrate the Suffragist movement.  That fourth one was a challenge--I machine pieced the center, after printing the templates on freezer paper and cutting them out with seam allowance in place.  Then I hand pieced the circle to the background and then hand applique'd the center circle in place.  Hopefully, next Saturday's block will be simpler.  Denise, I thought of you while doing this block!

I also finished binding and blocking this quilt from the Simple Symmetry classs with Paula Nadelstern:
It's called "Day" because of the light background.  "Night" is almost done.

Thursday night I went to our monthly guild meeting and heard Mary Lou Weideman talk about her story quilts--great fun!  They are bright, fun, and tell terrific stories.  I'm sure those who took her 2 days of workshops had a wonderful time!  I was prettty worn out after sitting for 3 hours--came home and iced the knee for a while. 

Tonight I start teaching my latest Quiltmaking 101 class to 7 new, eager students.  I love to teach this beginner class--just know I'll be very tired at the end of the night.  I'm still not driving so I have to make arrangements for my transport everywhere--thankfully, I have great friends who are willing to help out.  Here is the sample for my beginning class: it's not simple but most students are amazed at what they learn and are able to accomplish is 5 weeks.  My plan is to addict them to quilting!

 The pattern is Mix and Match Stars by Glad Creations. 

I'm currently hand stitching the binding on our guild raffle quilt for the October 2013 quilt show.  Photos of that baby later.

And if you need inspiration: Judy L's Design Wall Monday blog

Let's Quilt!



  1. HI Barbara,
    Love your simple symmetry quilt. It is wonderful.

    How exciting that you were able to take a class with Paula. I was able to see an exhibit of her quilts in Manhattan a couple of years ago. They were fabulous.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Nancy in sunny SC

  2. Hey Barbara! I've not made that block yet ... I've been avoiding it. LOL!!! But I *will* persevere! Yours look terrific. You always have such fun things to share -- I have no doubt that all of your beginner quilting students will finish your class completely smitten!! :)

  3. I'm glad I checked back to see who else joined in on Design Wall Monday. The mix and match stars look addicting to me!

    1. Thanks, Debbie.i help the students select fabrics they will be happy with and there is always a wide mix of quilts. They really learn a lot --it's a great pattern!