Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Exciting News!

The Huntsville Museum of Art is doing a Showcase of quilts made by members of my guild, the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville.  It is a juried exhibit, selections were made by the museum folks.  They received over 100 entries from 26 of our members.

Today I got the happy letter--3 of my quilts will be exhibited, as part of the 31 selections.  I'm really excited!  It is terrific that a real art museum is willing to recognize local artists.  They recently did a photography exhibit of the work of local photographers.

Here are my 3 pieces:

Color Play #2
Simple Symmetry--Night
What's most odd to me is that I machine quilted all three of these myself--most definitely, not my strong suit.  Anyway, I'll be happy to have them in the exhibition.
We've been given permission by the Museum to display and sell tickets for our opportunity quilt at the special exhibition opening and demo days.  Here is that quilt--if you need tickets, I can hook you  up!
Fall Fanfare
Let's quilt!

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  1. Congratulations, Barbara -- that really is exciting news for you! Your three pieces are really exceptional! I was really disappointed--I'd submitted seven, but none of mine were used. Bummer! I'll keep plugging away, though!! :)