Monday, December 2, 2013

Country Quilt--and Nashville

Here's what I'm working on--a simple block, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, that I am doing by hand applique'.  You could piece it, by hand or machine, but it makes a simple block to carry as handwork on trips.  I trace around a template on both the light and dark pieces, line them up and thread baste.  No pins, just a needle and thread and I'm all set for needle turn applique'.

I've got more blocks to make but no rush, it will get done when it gets done.  Check out Judy L's Design Wall Monday blog to see what other folks are working on.

We went to Nashville for Thanksgiving to visit our son, Joshua Black Wilkins, photographer and musician.  We stayed downtown at the brand new Omni Hotel--a beautiful place with a great location.  Our son lives about two miles from there, in an old warehouse rehabbed into lofts.  From our room on the top floor, we had a view of the top of the new Music City Center--it's built in the shape of an acoustic guitar--can you see it?  There is also a green roof--my civil engineer husband just loves all that stuff.  It's always a "bus man's holiday" when we go near new construction.

We visited the new Johnny Cash museum--we are all fans of the late, great Johnny Cash.  It was a terrific exhibit, covering his long career in the music industry.  Joshua did not get to meet Johnny but had worked on a photo shoot after his death where he saw many of the artifacts on display.  And he got to hold the most famous guitar that belonged to Johnny--the black Gibson that is at the very end of the exhibits.  Very cool.

In the gift shop, because ALL museum tours end in the gift shop, Joshua was recognized by a fan of his who had seen him play in Memphis last May.  She and her husband were about 10 years younger than me.  She recognized Joshua's tattoos and then his face.  It was very cool for his mother to see her son recognized in public.  The woman had bought Joshua's music at the show and spreads the word about him.  Wish I had thought to get a photo of them together.  Next time.  And if you need a gift for an artistic friend who loves images, here is a link to Joshua's latest photo book:  Thirteen--look at the preview, you may see someone you recognize.

We also stopped in at Antique Archeology, the Nashville location of the store made famous by American Pickers, the TV show.  Didn't buy anything just looked at all the tourists visiting.  No Mike or Frank either, but here are my two guys, better than Mike or Frank:

Hope Thanksgiving was good for you.  Now it's December--yikes!  Good thing I do very little shopping or decorating.  H&R Block training is going strong--I'm returning for my 34th year.  Time to get all the quilting done I can before life gets really hectic,

Let's Quilt!



  1. Now, did you change your blog wallpaper to match your Peter and Paul blocks, or is that just a coincidence? :-)

    I must say, I'm quite smitten with the pieced borders on the top two quilts in your blog header. Do you have posts about those quilts somewhere with larger photos? The fabric choices and everything else is just perfect and the star border seams to sparkle.

    My husband loves that "picking" show -- also the Grease Monkeys show where they find old cars to buy and fix them up to resell. I've watched hours and hours of both shows with sewing projects in my lap.

  2. Just a coincidence! The quilts are Sue Garman patterns. and her awesome blog:
    Purple quilt is Washington Medallion and Red one is Stars for a New Day. Google those names to find photos--many have been made.

    On American Picker, Danielle occasionally sports a black T-shirt that says That's my son. Funny!