Sunday, November 24, 2013

Class Just for Fun

Yesterday I took a class with my guild buddies--a scrap class that was fast and fun.  The instructor, Elaine Poplin who blogs as Messygoat, is a guild member who had adapted a Bonnie Hunter free pattern, String-X, to create a great quilt made from whatever scraps you have on hand.

I didn't "need" to take another class OR start another project but I wanted to support the instructor and when the supplies called for lots of scraps in various sizes, I looked around my studio and THERE was a big bag of said scraps--just waiting.  I opened one of the 6 closet doors to my stash and THERE, at eye level, were 3 fabrics that would do quite nicely for the background pieces.  So I paid the nominal fee and went to class.  Twenty five of us enjoyed the day, the friendships, and whipped those scraps into blocks.

Here are a few shots from the day:

My tablemates, Sharon, Annie, Deanna

The Featherweight table, 3 of the 4 machines

Julie comes prepared for class:  pressing table to the side, lots of thread, caddy full of supplies--everything but the kitchen sink!
Denise getting ready to square up her block

Elaine with a sample block

Half the class at the end of the day
All in all, it was a good day.  Eventually, I'll get back to this project--a few things are more pressing at the moment.  This would make a great charity quilt--very fast and you're using up what you have on hand.

Let's Quilt!


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  1. What fun. I love scrap quilts and this would be a good one. Did your instructor have to change Bonnie's pattern very much. I'm interested in doing this block now that I see how great all of your class' samples look. Thanks for sharing.