Sunday, July 5, 2015

A New Finish and Chair Seats

Finally got my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt completely finished:

The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter and will appear in a future book.  She offers a mystery quilt each year around Thanksgiving.  This one has colors that were inspired by the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan.  Mine is half-size--that was enough for me and I added the narrow black sashing around the blocks.  See Bonnie's original here. 

The best thing about a rainy couple of days is that I really worked at getting my studio cleaned up.  My friends will be amazed--you can actually SEE the chair seats in my two cozy chairs and could sit in them if you wanted to visit:

It's been quite some time since those have seen the light of day.  I also cleared off the cutting table, mostly, as I am cutting Tumblers and 1.5" squares for leader/ender projects:

AND, I cleared off the ironing surface--that had way too much stuff piled up on it:

Next up, I'll machine quilt the Box of Wine quilt--jumping into free-motion with fear and trepidation but the determination to get it done in a satisfactory manner:

And the design wall has been freed up now that I finished the Simple What Nots Club sampler, shown here:

If the studio still looks messy to you, all I can say is "You should have seen it before".  This is a vast improvement and I feel free to create and make it messy again.  Several more projects have to get done before this year is over but I'm getting there. 

I hope you had a great 4th of July celebration--let freedom ring!

Let's quilt! 



  1. An excellent use of a rainy day. Think of the fun you will have returning it to its "natural" state ;)

  2. I really need to get mine cleaned up today. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Love your Grand Illusion!!

  3. That's one good thing about a rainy day, gets you in the mood for having a good tidy in the sewing studio - and your chairs do look inviting - pity I live in New Zealand!

  4. The Grand Illusion and the Box of Wine quilts are gorgeous! Rainy days are always great for sewing, quilting, and cleaning house. Free motion quilting, well, I find it easier than other designs. Hoping you had a fun 4th of July :)

  5. Congrats on a great finish of Grand Illusion!
    I laughed about your comment on your chairs. When I got a couple of chairs for my sewing room I vowed I would not let them become "catch-alls". Well, I did really well until recently. You can't sit on one of them at all. The other one just has bunches of quilts draped over the arms. I need to follow your example!