Monday, July 13, 2015

Big and Little

I've been working on projects Big and Little:

Big Stitch quilting on my Antique Rose Star quilt:

Making a miniature Churn Dash quilt:

Block size 1.25".  Quilt is about 8" square

Yes, I know some of the points are "hidden"--sometimes, finished is better than perfect.

I recently taught a Lone Star class by special request and this was the project I used for my "step outs" in class:

The center of the star is about 18" and the piece is about 22" square.  I'll hand quilt it when the Antique Rose Star is finished.  I found a bundle of 5 fat quarters when I searched my closet for things to sell at our guild yard sale later this week--they were perfect for this project.  The outer border is the size it is because that is ALL that was left of that fat quarter.

Here are a few shots from class:


Janie adding a corner square

JoAnne making the points match
Mary cutting quickly with her strip cutter mat
Sharon completed her block.  The book is All-Star Quilts by Helen Young

Another class project, this one hand pieced

Lois wanted to learn the Antique Rose Star so I taught her privately as the others sewed on their Lone Stars

Four of the six students had driven up from South Alabama for the class.  They stopped at many quilt shops along the route, taking 12 hours to cover what is normally a 6 hour drive.  It was Row by Row time so they planned their route to hit participating shops.  I was so pleased to have them request this special class and make the time to come "up North" to spend time with me.  Great ladies and it was fun!  Hope to see them again.  And the two local students were happy to have this class too.

This week I am determined to get all 50 of my kits made for Make It University at Quilt!Knit!Stitch! in Portland next month.  More than half way there so I'll make it. 

Let's quilt!



  1. LOVE your little churn dash quilt. Cheddar and churn dash blocks in the same quilt. Be still my heart--two of my favorite things. : )

  2. Your churn dash is adorable and so tiny! That looks like a fun class and a difficult block.

  3. I love the colors/fabrics in your Antique Rose quilt. The mini Churn Dash is uber adorable. Points? What points? Perfect as is!