Monday, May 9, 2016

Little Girl Dresses

It will soon be grand-girl Stella's first birthday.  I've been making dresses for her:

I think I'll make little shorts for the purple outfit too.  I'll be eager to see her in these.

She ripped her 11 month sticker off her onesie while posing for her monthly birthday shot--that girl has spunk!

My teaching trip to the Evening Star Quilters Guild of Birmingham was delightful.  The lecture was well-received by a large crowd.  The day and a half workshop was so much fun for me--the students had a good time and were very successful with their quilt projects.  There were several unusual fabric combinations I was very excited to see.  Those new ideas will be fun to pass on to the Greater Victoria Texas Quilt Guild who will be enjoying this same workshop later this month.

It's a successful teaching trip if I'm being asked in the first hour of the first day of the workshop "When can you come back and teach us the Feathered Star?"  We're working on making that happen in early 2017.  The lecture was "The Hard Stuff" and featured more challenging quilt patterns, both from the past and from contemporary quiltmakers.  It showed several steps to making Feathered Stars.  By the end of the second day I knew everyone's name and some of their stories.  What a great group!  And their compliments about the workshop were so appreciated. Teaching is such a wonderful way for me to spread my love of quiltmaking and encourage others on their own "joyful journey."

Let's Quilt!



  1. Oh I bet your lecture was helpful and interesting. The granddaughter is adorable, and so are the dresses you have sewn for her :)

  2. What sweet dresses for the spunky little one.
    Sounds like a really good presentation. Would love to learn from you.

  3. Sweet dresses for your little gal! I think the 11 month sticker looked better in her hands! How nice you and your information was so well received.

  4. What sweet little outfits!! I can hardly believe she's almost one, Barbara! :)

  5. The little dresses are so fun! I made my daughter dresses when she was little too.
    Glad to hear the class was great!