Sunday, September 10, 2017

Antique Rose Star--A Top Class for Everyone

I recently had the opportunity to teach one of my FAVORITE classes--Antique Rose Star by Machine.

My Sample Quilt hanging in HQH Quilt Show 2015

Although this is an old pattern, I first discovered it 7 years ago when an English friend, Barbara Chainey, showed her hand-pieced blocks on Instagram. Wow--I loved her blocks and the wonderful design. I contacted her and found out the template was available from Material Obsession, a shop in Australia. I ordered 10 of them, knowing this would be a great class to develop and teach. I was off and running and haven't looked back since.
Barbara Chainey's blocks that got me started

I developed a way to organize the 72 pieces for each block that really helps and created a handout for students to assist them. Over time, new ideas for machine piecing this 60 degree angle have been explained and now I incorporate those new ideas too. It is always my goal in all my classes that each student learns more than they expected to and learns tips and tricks that will improve all their quiltmaking. 

After my quilt was done I discovered the quilt pattern in the book Material Obsession 2, by Kathy Doughty of the shop in Australia. It shows this block with two different layouts and there are additional layouts I also explain to my students. The layout I used was a bit difficult because I sewed the blocks completely together while making them. If left in two halves, assembly of the quilt top can be much easier than I did mine. More lessons to teach students.
Dianne's block in two halves

There are 72 "kite" shapes in each block. It can be assembled with several techniques:

hand-piecing with a running stitch, needle and thread
machine piecing, all by machine, or both hand and machine piecing in the same block
English Paper Piecing--cut or buy paper shapes and wrap fabric around the shapes, then whipstitch the pieces together.

You can use Reproduction fabrics, Modern fabrics, 30's fabrics, Batiks, whatever you like will look fabulous in this pattern. There are now templates available in several sizes, making it easier than ever to get started on this quilt.

I have taught this class at least a dozen times locally and am now teaching it nationally--it's one of my classes at Road to California 2018--there are still a few spots left in it.  This is one of those classes I am known for and love to teach.  The wonderful women of the Needle Chasers Guild in Iuka, MS brought me in to teach this to them, as a pre-retreat class. I've been with them 4 times in the last 12 years and truly enjoy my time with them. And the location they retreat to: J P Coleman State Park on Pickwick Lake--absolutely a fantastic location and a huge room for classes.

The 18 students had a good time and everyone made excellent progress. Here are a few shots:

Spectacular Views of Pickwick Lake
I saw water birds and boats throughout the day--a beautiful spot!

Nelda thought she'd hand piece but was intrigued by my machine piecing instructions 

Nelda--her half block done

Rita with her half block

Madge has a half block

Connie made great progress

Sharon use a collection of charm packs to make her first block

Adrienne, the only one who hand pieced hers, cutting out and staying organized

Miss Mississippi (I think), bright and happy

Diane, likes to be very organized so she carefully cut most of the day

Barbara, her second block of the retreat
President Doris, getting her wedges together

Polly?, I think, soft and lovely block, two halves

Nancy did some fussy cutting and has a great plan in mind for her quilt

I would LOVE to teach this to you or your group. If you are local, it will be on the Spring 2018 schedule at Patches & Stitches. If you aren't local, we can make a plan. It is just one of those "Dorito quilts"--hard to make only one. I am working on my second, using very bright fabrics.

Let's Quilt!



  1. I have taken this class with Barbara and it is so much fun! Barbara is a wonderful teacher, giving clear explanations and encouragement. If you ever get the opportunity to be in one of her classes take it!

  2. Barbara, does the machine piecing entail Y-seams?

  3. Very enjoyable class! Barbara is very patient with those of us that have to have things explained more than once��

  4. I love your version of the quilt and was super glad to see it in person! It looks like it would be a fun class and such an advantage to take it from someone who really knows the quilt, has developed easy ways to stay organized while making it, and obviously is a fun and exciting teacher. Woo hoo!