Sunday, November 12, 2017

Halo Sunday Sew and Sews--Look and See!

The Halo Sunday Sew and Sews met today and wait until you see their amazing progress! I don't feel like I've been their "teacher", I was more of a facilitator who answered a lot of questions and helped to guide the discussion. As these went on the wall, there was much discussion about whether to add another border, what to bind the quilt with, etc. As I always say in class, "Everyone in the room has an opinion but only one opinion counts--the maker's--you get to decide".

I am excited to share these with you:

1. Janet N--wow, wow, wow. I love this Blue and White version and have told her she simply must get it finished by December 2018 so she can enter it in the Sapphire Celebration of International Quilt Festival 2019, the 45th anniversary of Quilt Festival. She used Seminole Piecing for two of the borders:

2. JoAnne M--still a bit more to go, the Delectable Mountain borders are just pinned in place:

3. Brenda M---sister to JoAnne, there might be some sibling rivalry going on here:

4. Terri T--look at that focus fabric, she cut so carefully:

5. Pam E--despite breaking her wrist and hand in February, Pam got caught back up and we all said "oooohhhh" when hers went up:

6. Sheila C--how dramatic! We haven't seen this in a while and it got a great response--she added wider borders, enough that her Delectable Mountains borders will gain 12" more length:

Sheila is also doing the Delectable Mountains without seams in the large triangles--read how to do that here.:

7. Susan C--she has been out of the country and worked a week with me in Houston so she isn't as far along but she'll get there. We love how bright and happy this one is:

We had 3 more members of the group who couldn't make it today and 3 more who were here but didn't bring their quilts as life has intervened a bit and they aren't as far along as they had hoped to be. It's not a race, everyone will get done eventually.

Aren't these just great?! We are also excited about the 2018 BOM and talked a bit about that one. I'll be making an alternate center block and pieced outer borders for those who don't want to do applique'.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Thank you Barbara for showing us the Sunday Sew and Sews quilts...amazing. Please tell them how impressed we out here are with their work.

  2. They are all amazing! You must have formed some strong bonds working on this in a group. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many gorgeous quilts. Amazing work in them all :)

  4. fun to see everyone's color choices

  5. It is so helpful to see all the different variations! Janet's version with the dark edge is nice, isn't it? I'm going to start this next year, and I'm thinking I may reverse the mountains so the dark triangles are on the outer edge. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

  6. Oh MY! I adore medallion quilts and these are some of the best I've seen. LOVELY!

  7. They all look wonderful! Susan showed me her quilt while we were in Houston. I wish I was close enough to take a class from you!