Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Journey #5

Still taking a look back at some of my early quilts.

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By the mid-1990's I was making bed quilts and lots of class samples as well as smaller quilts for magazine publication. I was introduced to needle-turn applique' by Nancy Pearson and enjoyed making several applique' quilts.

"If It's Purple"--a traditional Baltimore-style quilt, these patterns were published in the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville newsletter from September 1989-August 1990. I designed the swag border and had it hand quilted by a local quilter.  I finished it in time for the 1995 Fanfare Quilt show where it was awarded Best of Show:

 A detail of the quilting and applique':

I presented this quilt to my son Andrew and his wife Lauren for their wedding. It is currently in storage until they are ready for it. 

"Lone Star Garden"--an original  design inspired by a quilt in the book Star Quilts by Mary Elizabeth Johnson. The applique' designs I adapted from patterns by Patricia Campbell. The star is made from 8 huge diamonds all cut exactly the same from a Jinny Beyer border print--I made one big paper template so I could cut each one accurately. I bought 6 yards of the stripe, went back and got 3 more yards, then to make the outer border I bought 3 more.

The border treatment is a style Jinny Beyer called "Soft Edge Applique'". It would have been easier to just add a plain border but after all that applique' in the middle, this quilt just deserved more of a finish. It took a lot longer but I am happy with it. Hand quilted by the local quilter--I was keeping her busy during these years. 

It was fun to work with lots of fabrics from my stash for the many flowers in the background. Why use one fabric for a color when you can use lots? Detail shots: 

I basted the border stripe to the pink outer print, then carefully cut along a line in the print, a few inches at a time as I needle-turned under a narrow seam. As I recall, the process took a couple months of evening sewing. The borders were also cut exactly the same so the corners would miter nicely:

When working with border prints, it can be fun to see what you get where all 8 of the diamonds  come together. I was very happy with the central design and don't remember working it out in advance with mirrors. The big star is about 60" square:

I had this quilt finished for the 1999 quilt show and it won First Place in Group Applique'.

Fast forward to 2013 International Quilt Festival Houston--both of these quilts were featured in the Special Exhibit  "Traditional Treasures":

Although I love hand applique', the need to get quilts finished more quickly leads me to piecing most often. Other quilts made in the late '90s include:

"Purple Plus":

"Secret Stars":

"Half Log Cabin":

And many smaller quilts for classes and magazine publication.  I did not remember just how many pieces I made for Christmas Year Round, Country Stitch and McCalls' Quilting until I dug out these issues:

Let's Quilt!



  1. I continue to be blown out of the water by your incredible talent. I mean, I knew you were a fantastic quilter, but wow! You amaze me! I'm really looking forward to your January class! :)

  2. Those two featured quilts are amazing, Barbara! The awards and honors are well deserved!
    Oh, is Denise taking a class from you? Lucky gal!