Sunday, April 7, 2019

Local Classes Summer 2019 and a Question

The Summer Schedule at Patches & Stitches, Huntsville, AL is set--find it HERE.

I am offering a new class--Won't You Be My Neighbor: paper piece the houses and trees, quick piece the stars:

My go-to giveaway quilt, Southern Super Star--this bed-size top can be pieced in a weekend:

My Favorite Things, Part 2: even if you didn't take Part 1, you can still learn how to make this, a quilt with my favorite blocks:

There will be three new classes, four hour sessions each:

Let Me Help You--stuck on a project, forget how to finish? Bring your project and the instructions and I'll get you back on track:

Machine Piecing: Learn the Basics: learn tips and tricks for perfect piecing--a PROCESS class, not a project--just learn how to improve your piecing skills.

Hand Piecing: Learn the Basics: another PROCESS class, learn hand piecing AND English Paper Piecing--always have a portable project ready to go.

All dates, times and cost for these classes are on the Patches & Stitches website--see link above.

Now, the question for you--I am planning to offer a couple more local classes, Summer, Fall or Winter. Several of you have expressed interest in these classes. Which would you like to take? Do you prefer one all-day session or two half-day sessions with a few weeks in between? Or would you prefer two all-day sessions, at a higher cost, so you can get a lot of class time instruction?

Circa 2016:  great pattern from Temecula Quilt Company:

5 Easy Pieces: learn several ways to make Flying Geese:

Secret Stars:  Double Sawtooth blocks, on-point set:

I would love to hear which of these  you think would be of interest to the most quilters.

Let's quilt.



  1. When will you be offering the beginner's class again? I told my mom I'd take it with her! Otherwise, I'd probably choose Five Easy Pieces. ♥ :)

    1. In September there will be two sessions, they run for 5 weeks. Will enjoy having you and Mom in class.

  2. I love them all, no matter which you teach I’ll be there! I would like to have two all day sessions at a higher cost. I think I personally do better when I feel I have accountability and need to complete something before the next class.

  3. Secret Stars is my vote! I also vote for two half-day sessions with time between. But, I’ll probably sign up for whatever option you teach, Barbara!

  4. I greatly enjoy your blog but have a couple of questions. What do you mean by a "leader-ender" project and "Lifetime" project? I see lots of references to these as I have looked at older posts but maybe I have not gone far enough back to see an explanation. Thanks so much. Karen Tidwell

    1. Karen, check out this description--it's my 3rd tip for time management. My Lifetime Quilt is made by this method, 1.25" finished half square triangles. I started it 3 years ago, saying it would take the rest of my Lifetime to complete AND I can't die until it's done so I was going to sew it really slowly. Now it's almost done, 100" x 100", 12,800 triangles and I am on the hunt for what my next Lifetime quilt will be.

    2. Find the post for July 8, 2018 in the Archives OR look at the list of Tutorials--Top 3Tips for Time Management for Quilters--it's the 3rd tip.

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  6. I have the Circa 2016 pattern so I would love a class for this quilt, however I love all three patterns and will take whichever class is offered if my schedule allows :)

  7. Wish I could be a part of the fun, Barbara. Would love to learn from you, and sit by Denise and her Mom. I can dream! :)