Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sometimes Things Happen

There I was, zipping along on my Warm/Combo Sizzle quilt top, eager to get to the applique' borders. When what do you know? There is a huge OOOPS that has to be fixed. Can you see it?

Of course, you can see it. So obvious and it must be fixed. But which block needs to be turned into a corner for the upper left? The one that is there now, or one of the other blocks?

After rearranging them a bit, I decided on this layout, the block colors seem the best balanced here:

Now to fix that upper left block...

I have no idea how I did this other than I wasn't paying attention when making Block 3--which is in the bottom row, middle. That was supposed to be a corner, not a N S E or W block. I wasn't following any real color plan either, just mostly warm colors with bits of blue and green.

So, never fear when you discover a big OOOPS--it happens to the rest of us too. Just fix it and get back on track. ALL DONE:

Now, on to those applique' borders.

Let's quilt!



  1. Pretty quilt. Glad you noticed the block before it was finished. The layout looks very balanced color-wise.

  2. How nice of you to share your "oops" with us. It helps us out here to know that even the kind of quilter we aspire to become does make errors too! And that she has enough confidence to admit it :)

  3. What an amazing top! Thank you for reminding us oops happen. Can't wait to see the borders.

  4. Yup, that was a big oops but thankfully you hadn't already assembled the entire top. It would have still been fixable but even more work. Thankfully a little time with the old seam ripper fixed it perfectly. Great job!

  5. ls the bottom row, right block supposed to have purple touching purple?

  6. Such a happy colorful quilt! Feels like a Fiesta!
    Isn't it odd how those kinds of errors occur without our notice until we get down the road a ways?

  7. Pattik, that is also an oops, missed in several photos and time on the wall. It is so hard to find it was not worth the effort to take it all apart. This is a gift quilt and the recipient will love it more because it is not perfect.

  8. You mean I'm not the only one? Gee I could have sworn that making mistakes was my talent!