Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Student Photos

Most quilt teachers I know love to get photos from their students of class projects, either by email or by being tagged on social media.

This morning I got this lovely top in my email inbox:

Carolyn F. made this in our 5 Easy Pieces class in Panama City, FL--I was there in early April. Isn't it beautiful?  Carolyn says:

Barbara this is what I made after taking your class. I don’t think I will add a border what do you think?  I am trying to decide how to quilt the top.  I’m thinking about circles but not sure if my idea would work. This was an exercise in color for me.  I used tone on tone where the colors met. In the intersections where four colors converged I used fabric with the colors in it. I like the result. I enjoyed your class very much.

Circles will be a great way to quilt this and a border isn't necessary unless the quilt needs to be larger.

Carolyn's timing was perfect--yesterday I shipped my sample quilt for this class to VA to inspire students who will be attending the VA Celebration of Quilts (VCQ) next April--sign  ups start in August and they asked to have the quilts there for students to see.

Look how different my quilts are:

The Light Version with Easy Piecing
The Dark Version with Complex Set-In Piecing
It is so great when a student can make a quilt the way she wants to make it and is pleased with the final result. Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing your top!

Let's quilt.


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  1. I like what Carolyn did at the intersections of the colors.
    So interesting to see the contrast between your two version. Of course, I especially love the dark version.