Sunday, November 15, 2020


Often, I find that a lot of people don't know about all the Tutorials I have on my Blog. Or how to Search for something they are looking for.

Let's have a Lesson. The Pages that are circled in pink here are full of information. As I don't have a website and don't plan to, these Pages make it easy to find some basic things on my Blog. 

The Workshops sand Lectures pages are designed so guilds and shows who want to hire me can easily see all the current classes and lectures I offer. These change over time--in fact, two great new workshops will be added soon. 

My Teaching Calendar shows all the places I expect to be teaching for the next couple years. This makes it easy to see where and when I might be near you. I know things have changed a bit in 2020, but we will be getting back together again, I am sure of it:

The one Page I would really like you to look at is TUTORIALS:

There are currently 19 different Tutorials posted here, at least a few of which might be very helpful, regardless of your skill level. From the simplicity of BASIC MATH FOR QUILTERS to the complexity of calculating a lot of math for FLOATER BORDERS, there is something here for you.

In 2017 I did a 5 week Sew A Long that is perfect for the beginner to intermediate quilter, loaded with photos all the steps I use all the time in making a quilt. It is all still here: HOW TO MAKE A QUILT IN 5 EASY LESSONS.

If you are getting excited to start the 2021 Block of the  Month quilt COLOR MY WORLD by Wendy Williams--take a look at FREEZER PAPER FOUNDATION PIECING . It features the Mariner's Compass which is the center of Color My World. The pattern will only be available to Star Members of The Quilt Show but you can see the amazing process of using Freezer Paper for piecing, right now, right here:

My most popular and beneficial Lecture in recent years is Time Management for Quilters. Many who have heard it asked me to write about it. So I did. Find my Top Tips for TIME MANAGEMENT FOR QUILTERS right here in the Tutorials. 

Lastly. most Blogs and Websites have a SEARCH feature. If you remember you read something here but can't remember when it was, use the SEARCH BOX in the upper left corner to find it:

Here are a few fun things to SEARCH for:

String Swap Block Tutorial
Sunday Sew and Sews
Tiny Star Blocks

This blog has been a part of my life for almost 10 years now. I use it to keep track of what is important to me, mostly in my quilting life. And to spread my passion for the art of quiltmaking to you. 

If you are fairly new here, I recommend you read the Blog that I think means the most to me of all of them:

RED AND WHITE--THE WRAP UP  This quilt changed my life and this blog post pretty much sums up why:

I hope you find something here that is helpful. And if you do, I hope you'll tell your quilting friends to take a look. I try to post only twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. You can easily follow me by email or with Bloglovin' or other blog readers. We are closing in on 3000 followers and I am getting eager to get to that milestone.

I do this Blog because I love quilting. I hope you do too.

Let's quilt,



  1. I love quilting too and enjoy each of your posts.

  2. Thanks, Barbara, for an informative post. I have never been too comfortable navigating blogs.

  3. I just looked up (again) your information on adding a quilt sleeve. Another first: finishing a quilt top that was was completely from scraps AND a leader/ender project. Both of which I said I would NEVER do. So, I'm calling the quilt "Never say Never".