Sunday, January 24, 2021

An OLDIE, Finished

Time for a little break from the Special Exhibit quilts for this post. 

 Recently, I was looking for what to quilt next, and found this small piece, made years ago, that was even basted and ready to go.

It's about 34" square. I think the pattern came from an old book by Mary Ellen Hopkins, who encouraged quilters to create their own designs, using basic traditional blocks in various layouts. 

I am a fan of ruler work quilting, particularly curved crosshatching. I am inspired a lot by Natalia Bonner, her books and her videos and classes.  This was so much fun to figure out and then execute: 

Although it is hard to see, I also designed a scalloped border in the dark fabric--here is a closeup--maybe you can see it:

This quilt has one of my favorite light fabrics--I wish I had yards and yards of it. I think it was a Gutcheon print--it came in several colorways--I loved this one:

It took a couple days to design the quilting and then execute it. Really fun and now it's finished!

Let's quilt.



  1. I remember Mary Ellen Hopkins from Simply Quilts. She was a hoot! Your work looks great. Marilyn Marks

    1. She was a hoot! And had such great ideas to inspire quilters to design.

  2. Love the quilt you are working on, as usual. Long ago I recorded Simply Quilts, and have Mary Ellen on one of the episodes! Yes, a real HOOT! One of a kind kind of gal!