Sunday, January 10, 2021

My Journey--QUILT #7

 Another quilt from the Special Exhibit My Joyful Journey, part of the Virtual Quilt Festival, December 3-5, 2020.

QUILT #7 Lone Star Garden, 90" x 90", hand applique', machine pieced, hand quilted, 1997:

The Story: It took more than 12 yards of the border stripe to cut eight large diamonds exactly the same size and from the exact same place on the fabric and to soft-edge piece the outer borders. The hand applique' took many hours but I enjoyed selecting a wide variety of fabrics for the flowers and leaves. The center deserved more of a border than just plain fabric so I appliqued the border stripe. by soft-edge piecing, onto the pink fabric, then joined it to the center of the quilt. This quilt was included in the Special Exhibit "Traditional Treasures', Houston 2013.

I worked on this for two years and it's another of my most favorite:

Let's quilt.



  1. Another beauty that would be best viewed in person. I'd love to look at all of the detail work. I was unfamiliar with the term soft edge piecing so to google I went. I watched the video Jinny Breyer made which explained the process thoroughly. My goodness Barbara, that beautiful border must have taken you forever. It was sure worth every minute.

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous, Barbara. I am not familiar with the "soft edge" term, either. Guess I will be looking that up, too.

  3. I imagine you are glad you made that when your hands were younger! Mine are achy. Not much applique in my future!