Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Another quilt from the Special Exhibit My Joyful Journey, part of the Virtual Quilt Festival, December 3-5, 2020.

QUILT # 25: RUFFLED ROSES  88" x 88".  machine pieced and appliqued,  longarm quilted, 2011-2019 Quilted by Lois Kindley

The Story: designed by Sue Garman as the 2011 Block of the Month quilt, I worked on this quilt sporadically for 8 years. When Sue died in early 2017 I was determined to finish it to honor our close friendship.  It was awarded "Best of Show" at the Fanfare 2019 Quilt Show. For so many reasons this is currently my most favorite quilt of all I have ever made. 

I have written about this quilt many times, including a detailed description of the machine applique process used. Use the Search Box above for "Ruffled Roses" or check out the Tutorials Link above.

This brings us the END of this Special Exhibit. I hope you  have enjoyed seeing my life's work and the journey it has taken me on. Stay tuned for what's to come. 

Let's Quilt.



  1. It has been a great show!!!! You have a wonderful body of work. Thanks ever so much for showing us.

  2. I've enjoyed this "show" so much! It's been educational and inspiring! I'm a fan!

  3. This quilt is simply magnificent! Thanks for the quilt show, Barbara. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You do beautiful work!

    1. Thank you, Janet! I can always count on you for a comment.

  4. Yes, I have enjoyed looking at your beautiful quilts, and this one with the Ombre effect is beautiful in more ways than one.