Sunday, March 28, 2021

Latest Finish--Sawtooth Stars

 About a year ago I participated in a swap of 6" Sawtooth Stars organized by Barb Vedder of  the blog Fun With Barb. She has done several and this link shows some great tutorials on the swap blocks used in this and prior swaps. She has said this will be the last, there is lots of work to manage these free swaps, and I understand why she will do no more.

I had fun with the quilting. It is now finished except for the label, almost queen size: 

It is hard  to show the quilting. All of it was done with rulers on my Bernina Q20 sit down longarm. Simple half circle designs on the white sashing:

Point to point half circles on the stars--I figured that out all by myself: 

Curved crosshatching on the perimeter triangles  and the smaller triangles: 

Overall effect is pleasing to me. Might just give this one away to a friend who needs a quilt: 

I made and received 40 star blocks made from reproduction fabrics. I made 10 more to complete the design. To enlarge the blocks I added four triangles to each to make them 9" blocks: 

I posted more about how and I why I made this quilt here: Sawtooth Star project.

Now on to finish another top.

Let's quilt.



  1. Such a beautiful quilt!! I participated in a few swaps YEARS ago but there was enough size difference between the blocks that they were difficult to work with. I would not want to be responsible for swapping around so many. Lucky friend to receive your quilt!

    1. Any swaps going forward for me will involve hand picking the participants, those who understand 1/4” is not merely a suggestion.

  2. Stunning quilt! Congratulations on the beautiful quilting.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful. Just to let you know, My Afternoon Delight won a judged First Place ribbon in our local Virtual quilt Show. Foothill Quilters in Auburn Ca. The category is Machine Appliqué. I’d post a picture but I don’t know how.

  4. It is a beautiful, classic looking quilt, Barbara. Thanks for showing the quilting. I am always curious to see how people quilt things so that I can gather inspiration. :)