Wednesday, April 6, 2022

So Many Quilts!

 What to do with them all?  

The spare bedroom is home to a lot of quilts. This bookcase is full. Some are class samples/traveling quilts for teaching jobs, some are just because they have to go somewhere  and some are favorites:

The spare bed is the staging spot for quilts going to the next job--so I don't forget the class sample or teaching supplies or quilts that support the lecture:

Every room in the house has quilts on the walls, on chairs/sofas, in progress, etc. There are just so many:

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Even the bathrooms have quilts in them: 
Master Bath

 Master Bath

One of the earliest on display, in the half bath, made in 1994, when I first learned paper piecing: 

Detail, when I hand quilted everything I made. The upper kimono was made from a real cotton kimono my husband brought back from Japan in 1979. When it wore out I cut up the parts that were salvageable and used a bit in this tiny block:  

Of course, the Studio has lots of quilts, finished and in progress: 

The best quilts--the family heirlooms--are in a safe place in storage. They don't come out very often. But what to do with all the rest?

I've sold some over the years. And will do that again, next year most likely. 

I've given more than a few away. And will continue to do that as I find the right quilt for the right recipient. 

And since not making any more is simply NOT AN OPTION, there will continue to be more made that need a place to reside.

Do you  have a plan? What will you do with all of your quilts? I can't be the only one with a sizeable stockpile of my quilts. 

I am not even addressing the antique quilts and tops I have bought over the years. They will need a home too. 

Time to finish the next one. Let's quilt.



  1. What an impressive assortment of quilts and quilting styles. Thanks for sharing, but I'm afraid I wrestle with the same problem of where to store what I want to keep.

  2. No, no plan. I guess that's one advantage of being pathetically slow on making quilts :-) In fact, most of the quilt tops I've made go to Quilts of Valor.

  3. I hope several people come up with good answers. I have so many and I must get rid of most.

  4. we all reach that time to realize what is going to be left behind. It is addictive to try new venues but the hubby asks "who is that for". ARGGH!

  5. I've always liked the idea of my quilts laid over the pews when I pass. Any and all that come are invited to take one home.

    1. Several have said this privately. Makes sense if the family has their favorites selected in advance.

  6. Most of what I have kept have been minis, and only because when I was asked to do a trunk show, I really hadn't kept enough of them to do it justice. So after scrambling and scrounging to do 3 trunk shows, I now have more than enough minis--but no one else has asked for a trunk show. LOL The bed-size quilts I have made have mostly been given away. I have 6 my Mom made and 3 I have made and kept (if you don't count the utility quilts for camping, the cars, and the family room). I am sure I will find homes for the bed quilts. I just don't know who would want all the minis.

  7. This is indeed the question!!!! I have given two away this past month. i am afraid no one wants the antique ones but me...and I have too many...did not realize I would not live forever.