Sunday, March 26, 2023


 We had a wonderful Retreat at Red Rooster Retreat Center, in Crane Hill  AL. The weather was fine, until a storm took out the power for a day and a  half. But the whole house generator kept the sewing machines  humming, and the irons pressing, and all was well.

Just some photos to give you a taste of our 5 day sewing vacation:

We had 9 new people and 7 returning plus Kathy and me--a great group of women!

Major decluttering before I left--all of this went to good homes

My stuff to work on during retreat

Lots of good stuff to give away at Retreat--all of this is gone too

We assign table places and sleeping quarters so everyone has a good spot and makes new friends

Kathy is the Admin and takes care of all the details--she is also the queen of Retreat set up, her work space is awesome

Too cold to swim in March but a lovely view

Shelley was determined to get Homeward Bound farther along--116 circles

Victoria R brought her Two-For-One and I was so happy to see her working on it

Conna finished a project that took about 20 years to complete

Julie showed off her Western Sun--a great class I love to teach 

Pam made great progress on Cadence Court 

Cadence Court pattern

Amanda with her first finish of the week

Cyndi with her Garden Party Down Under just back from Patty Wilson the longarm quilter

Shelley with the Alabama quilt she made for her husband

Suzie with her perpetual Retreat project, 3 years and counting, no rush

The 365 blocks that will surround Suzie's compass middle--some of them have more than 50 pieces in 6" blocks--amazing!

Julie serenading us after dinner

Shelley and me and Garth--he gave me that T-shirt personally. "The Cat in the Hat"

As usual, the food was GREAT:

The only dessert I ate, Texas Sheet Cake, worth every calorie

I used this Retreat to "practice teach" an important class I will be teaching in California next March. I asked 6 students if they were willing to be my guinea pigs as I develop the class plan. They blew me away with what they accomplished and all the input and suggestions they made. I know they worked harder than they expected to. A huge THANK YOU to these women who stepped up to help me:

Design Boards all the Retreaters received as gifts came in handy

What they accomplished

Cyndi the rebel changed one round completely

Julie also designed a new round--making this in Pittsburgh Steeler colors

Two of my four Quadrants done, two more to go

Sue did great--she also changed one round

Kathy and I were determined to create a Retreat that is a safe atmosphere for learning and laughing. Where each woman feels accepted, cared for and welcomed into the group. This year was no exception. The loss of power was a mild inconvenience--no lights in the bedrooms or bathrooms for two nights. But there was laughing and singing, and a little crying as we told our life stories to each other. 

It is no wonder this group asked us to sign them up for next year already. Even though I won't be there--I will be teaching that week in California. They are just not allowed to give away my spot! Because I will be back with bells on in 2025. 

Please let me know if you want to be on the waiting list for 2024: March 6-10. Most will return but there are always a couple who cannot attend so we fill that spot from the waiting list. So far, I have two on the waitlist. Remember, this year we welcomed 9 new women.

One of the best things I have ever done was say to Kathy  5 years ago "I  have an idea..." The rest is history.

Let's quilt.



  1. Looks great Barb! If you didn't have the ladies practicing your class would everyone just work on their own projects?

  2. some very talented quilters!

  3. It was so much fun! Looking forward to next year!