Sunday, February 18, 2024


 I keep busy all year. Winter has less travel so I am sewing a lot. Thought I would show you a few projects in the making. 

A few weeks ago I took an online class with Ricky Tims. Papaw's Choice is the block his dad used almost exclusively to make many quilts. I enjoyed the online format. The block is simple to make and Ricky's pattern is excellent. It will be ready for sale in the future. I decided this was a great time to use a lot of the hand-dyed fabrics I have, many I got from Ricky, and I am happy with the result.

My TOP, before adding borders, this is 72" square:

To enlarge it and use up more fabric, I added a 5" finished border all around, now it's 82" square:

Another project coming along nicely is PICK A PETAL, the 2024 Block of the Month for The Quilt Show. I only have the outer border of fans to finish piecing for the basic sewing to be done. Then we will spend Months 5-10 on the appliques and embroidery added to the Log Cabin inner border:

Next up is preparation for teaching classes soon. Wednesday February 21, 2024 I teach ON THE LILY POND, at Southern Charm Quilting. There are a few openings left, if you are local, don't miss it.

This is my replica of an antique I own and will bring to class. I am teaching this on a New England/Canada Cruise in September 2025--when registration for that cruise opens, I will make an announcement--that cruise will sell out quickly as  my Alaska cruise did, it's August 9-16, 2024.


In less than two weeks I will be teaching at Empty Spools Seminar held at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Center on the Monterey Peninsula in California. FULL CIRCLE will keep almost 25 students busy, entertained and learning for 5 and a half days. I am so excited for this true BUCKET LIST JOB, and am pleased to say I am already under contract there again for 2025, with my wonderful TWO FOR ONE class. My supplies are shipped already and all I have to do is pack and get on 3 airplanes February 29, 2024 to get there:

FULL CIRCLE, pattern by Wendy Williams, quilting by Patty Wilson:

Another class I am very excited to teach is ANTELOPE CANYON DIT DOT EVOLUTION:

This class is March 19 and April 2, 2024 at Southern Charm Quilting. Many people have told me how much they love this quilt and want to make it but only a few have signed up. This is one of those quilts I want to say "Don't try this at home". It requires being very organized and I have that all figured out for you--come and join us--this will most likely not be offered again. The shop has the complete KIT available for purchase--even if you can't take the class because you are not local, buy the KIT while you can. When those two Jelly Roll sets needed for this quilt are gone, they are gone.

We have a new grandbaby due in mid-March to our 45 year old son, Joshua and his love, Cait. We are very excited, of course, and I finally knew it was time to dig out the baby/kid stuff I have been saving for 45 years. All has been washed and will go to their house soon. It was so fun to see these amazing things I am glad I saved for so long:

Marine kids get Marine t-shirts

My son is very eager to get these boots, I made the Tooth Fairy pillow for Joshua

Hand made sweaters I loved and a couple favorite items

A great friend made this circus quilt, her first, and a wonderful neighbor made the incredibly soft baby blanket

Every day I walk, rain or shine, except for the week we had an ice storm that shut everything down. Those days I used the elliptical trainer. When it's really cold, I am bundled up:

Most days a sweatshirt does the trick, with hat and gloves if it's below 45. One and a half to two hours a day keeps me happy in the winter when I am not as busy with lots of travel.  

I am easily maintaining the healthy weight I want to be and feeling great. It is fun to know that everything in my closet fits. Pulling outfits together is a joy, not a struggle, any more:

 Seeing wildlife almost every day is partly why I love walking outdoors. Singing along to my playlists is another reason my walk is so important to me each day. I am sure I am considered the "crazy singing woman" as I walk and sing for 6-8 miles a day:

For more information on my joyful journey to health, see my blog from August 20, 2023: 

There is the usual daily stuff I do for The Quilt Show, checking and answering FORUM questions, writing the monthly blog for the Block of the Month, and preparing and recording or going LIVE on Facebook and YouTube once a month. The next one is a "not so LIVE" as I will be at Asilomar the first week in March. It is already recorded and ready to air March 1, 2024: 

I was amazed to learn that so far 13,000 people have watched the Month 1 LIVE that aired January 1, 2024 and 7500 people have watched Month 2 so far. Our worldwide community is an awesome thing I am happy to be a part of. 

Another quilt idea is swirling in my head. And it is time to start another Feathered Star for that long-running project.

Each day is a new day and I am eager to jump out of bed to get the day started. My motto this year is: BE STRONG, BE PATIENT, and BE HAPPY. 

Let's quilt.



  1. Papaw's Choice is beautiful, with all that saturated color.
    Congrats on the upcoming new grandbaby--very exciting!
    Kudos to you for your commitment to your walk and your health! The road I walk is dirt, so as the snows and rains have been pretty frequent this winter, I have spent more time on the treadmill. I don't walk as long on the treadmill (I struggle to stick with the machines), but I amp up the speed and the incline, and then lift a few weights after I walk.
    Wildlife is a perk of walking outdoors, and I appreciate your photos. I have not tried singing as I walk--I would scare off the wildlife! :)

    1. I have to force myself to use the elliptical trainer, I don’t enjoy that. But I do it if I can’t get outside. Good to see you here again!