Monday, April 30, 2012

Laces Challenge

  A month ago or so, Judy Murrah announced a Challenge using her antique laces.  With the wedding front and center at that time, I knew I had to enter.  Here is what I put together this morning:

The ribbons came from the wedding program, the laces are from Judy, the pearl buttons are from my antique button collection, and there are beads and another old button.  Here is the back:
It is a page from the wedding program explaining the significance of the peacock theme. 

I like the great pieces Judy puts together but don't seem to have the "knack" for it myself.  Maybe I should take a class???  There are lots of great offerings in mixed media/embellishments at the IQF shows--next up is Long Beach in July and then the mother ship, HOUSTON, in November. 

I made another doll quilt this weekend--it's for the May swap so I'm actually ahead of schedule.  Wish I had worked on this lace challenge sooner--putting it off until the last day wasn't the smartest idea ever.

Check out Design Wall Monday to see what other folks are doing. 

Let's quilt! 


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  1. Oh I like it! And I think it's cool you used the program as part of it. Very nice, Barbara! And way to be ahead of the game with the swap, too! :)