Monday, August 20, 2012

Hard Work Pays Off

I've been preparing for my knee replacement surgery, set for August 20, so have been working on lots of things I wanted to get done.  Mostly, getting handwork set for my recuperation time. 

But the other day I realized I had all the parts for my guild 2013 quilt show raffle quilt and it was time to put it together.  After 3 hard days of doing little but this, the top is finished and has been delivered to the quilter--yeah!

pattern:  Washington Medallion by Sue Garman, available as a block of the month from Quakertown Quilts

This is the fourth one of these I've made in the last 3 years and I believe I can say, I'm done!  I love this pattern and have enjoyed the process but it's time to do something else--and I have lots of things in mind.  I'll be happy when this is quilted and bound.  The guild will get to see it in October.  I hope it sells LOTS of tickets!

By the time some of you read this, I'll have survived surgery and begun the rehab process.  Then the hard part--losing the weight I want/need to lose, to protect my joints.  I know how to lose weight, my biggest problem is keeping it gone!  I'm sure some of you can relate.

Check out Judy's blog for more inspiration.

Don't know when I'll get to post again but, in the meantime, let's quilt!



  1. Absolutely a stunning quilt! Well wishes on your recuperation - take your time in coming back.

  2. Barbara, it's GORGEOUS!! How'd surgery go today? Hope you're doing okay this evening. I'll be looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday!! Hugs!! :)

  3. The quilt is wonderful! I can't wait to get my tickets. I hope surgery went well and the recovery is not too horrible. Do what they tell you and it will get better. See you soon!

  4. Thanks everyone. All is well here, I'll be home tomorrow, with a story to tell...