Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ready, Set, SALE!

My friend, Rhonda, came back this morning to help me get the "Pretend I'm Moving Sale" all set up. She was such a great help!  We spent 3.5 hours pricing and arranging everything and I am now officially "READY".

I told my husband we could have more than 100 people here tomorrow and he was shocked.  Several guilds have been invited and past students who I had email addresses for.

If you follow my blog, and are anywhere local, you don't want to miss this and PLEASE bring or invite a crafty friend--Rhonda assures me we priced to sell and there is something for everyone, beginner to experienced. And there are even special Longaberger baskets for sale.  I want to share so y'all come!

Sunday August 28, noon-5, Mon-Sat August 29-Sept 3, 9-5, and Sunday September 4, noon-5.  If you don't have my address I don't know you so just send me an email for the invite/address.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks--lots of work but shoppers should be really happy!

  2. I hope it is a roaring success!

  3. Wow if I could, I will come! If you do not sell the encyclopedia 1 from Marti Michell, guard it for me! Happy sale!

  4. I hope you have empty boxes and bare tables. . .please share a photo after! I can't believe how much you are selling!!!!