Saturday, January 21, 2012

Color for Quilters

It's been a wet, gray week here and is currently thunderstorming.  So we need a shot of color!

I call this Color Play 2--it's a variation of a quilt called Art Affair by  Jan Douglass.  This one is about 36"square and was made from the leftover triangles of a larger variation I made as a class sample. I machine quilted this myself--notice it's all straight lines and I did not do free-motion--yep, I was afraid to "ruin" it.  Once tax season is over I'm going to work on that free-motion quilting and conquer my fear.  I'm learning a lot just by reading Leah Day's Free-Motion Quilting project--wish I had time to practice right now, but I don't.

It's Saturday and I'm off to a full day of work--folks are getting their W-2s and are coming in now.  Love seeing my returning clients, year after year.  I've done this job for 32 years, 24 here in Huntsville, and have many clients I see each year.  Funny how we don't think we're getting older, but apparently, we are!

Happy Saturday.  Let's Quilt!


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  1. I think I've decided that I'm going to put together the guild's 25th anniversary BOM's and free motion quilt them in QAYG fashion. I'm going to use them as my challenge pieces. I love your Color Play 2 -- very bright and *happy* on this gray day! :)