Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Takes 2 Again!

With my free morning I made these next 5 blocks for the Just Takes 2 project:

They are so much fun to make!  The instructions vary from simple to detailed and there are several ways to make most blocks. The patterns assume you have basic quiltmaking skills and are not intended to be step-by-step directions.

Using many different red and white fabrics is really adding to my enjoyment.  My motto is "There's no such thing as TOO MUCH fabric!" 

One other thing I'm doing with this quilt is keeping a spreadsheet of the number of pieces in the quilt, the method I used for each block, the traditional name of each block and the "popular" name being voted on as part of this project.  I figure it's much easier to do this as I go along, rather than try to count pieces when the quilt is finished.

Remember, Part 1 blocks will only be available free until the end of January;  after that, you'll have to buy any previous sets of blocks you missed.    See Just Takes 2 for the details.

Off to teach my beginning class tonight--they will work on their first blocks and have success!

Let's quilt!



  1. Barbara, these look great! With the incredible variety already in these blocks that have been given, I can tell this is going to be a really fun finished piece!! :)

  2. Just lovely - love the mix of 'fabric on hand'.

  3. Just found your blog. I've emailed with you before, I think -- through The Quilt Show. I'll be following your blog from here in Huntsville. I shop at Patches and Stitches some, but I haven't taken any classes. I did the Twelve Days quilt too. Wasn't that fun! And last night I finished the top of the Civil War block of the week. Wow, that was something. I am trying to do much of my own quilting, but that one ended up at 96" square. It will have to go to the long arm quilter! Glad I found your blog!

  4. I just started these blocks yesterday and they are a lot of fun to do. The only thing is, since I am new, I rely on the instructions quite a bit. I have found that just by cutting the pieces as suggested for Block 8 and piecing together will not get you a 6" Block. I did some adjustments and achieved the final goal. My friend said that "foundation" piecing was required, but I am not familiar with that method, so that might just be my problem. Just saying.... :-)

  5. Rhonda, Block 8 is for FPP--foundation paper piecing. So the pieces are oversized to make it easier for that technique. I plan to have a FPP class this summer at Patches & Stitches--lots of people enjoy that method but there are some tips to make it easier. Glad you are enjoying Just Takes 2.

  6. Looking forward to taking the class. I have an applique class tonight which will help me complete 3 more of the Just Takes 2 blocks. So far, all look pretty good. Not real happy with the School house...