Monday, November 11, 2013

Post-Festival Busy Time

Last week I got home from 15 days in Houston--13 days of work at International Quilt Market and Festival, and 2 days of fun and sightseeing on the Post-show tour--this year we went to San Antonio.  It is so  good to see something of Texas besides the Houston airport to the GRB convention center and back again. 

I've been going to Houston since 1996 and absolutely love my time there.  Market is exciting--let's see what's new and upcoming--and Festival is vibrant with over 60,000 visitors from all over the world.  My schedule keeps me on the 3rd floor most of the time, in the Education office, but every chance I get, I head downstairs to see the quilts and visit the vendors.  My job is to handle faculty check-in and manage all the freight they ship in--lots of fun getting to know more than 120 teachers, again from all over the world. 

In January I will be giving a Power Point lecture to my guild:  An Inside Look at International Quilt Market and Festival.  So this year I had to remember to take my camera every time I left the office.  While I could talk for hours about "Houston" as quilters know it, a Power Point lecture needs images.   Here are a few:

One of the TWO Founders Awards--by Janet Stone

A photo exhibit I call "If Quilters Ruled the World"  quilts on the SF Bay Bridge and US Capitol

Honu Harmony by my long-time friend, Eileen Williams--spectacular!

Two of my teacher buddies, Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey

There is always so much to do after being gone from home this long--laundry, mail, newspapers, etc.  Today I hope to unpack my goodies and cram them into the closet along with all their friends I brought home in the past years. 
 I also have to get a few samples finished for upcoming classes, like this:

Two applique' blocks from Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler, by From My Heart to Your Hands, Lori Smith

Enjoying my crazy kitties too--yes, they've grown while I was gone and Stitches, the male, is now able to get on top of everything--including the refrigerator and then the cabinet tops.  When we point the spray bottle at him, he just smiles.  Patches, good little girl, jumps down. 


I'd better get to it if I hope to get much done today--Let's Quilt!


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