Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Featherweight TLC

I had a grand time this afternoon learning how to service and clean my Featherweight sewing machines.

Here is the Centennial, "birthdate" 8/22/1950, after her cleaning:

I installed a new LED lightbulb and she really puts out the light now. 

Diane Lowe, a friend who really knows her way around Vintage Sewing Machines, came to my house and showed me all the things I needed to know about cleaning and oiling the Featherweight.  This is no small feat when it's a 100 mile round-trip from Winchester, TN to Huntsville, AL.   We worked on this one as it is the machine I plan to carry to classes.   I have two more, one I will clean and oil myself for practice, and one I am having painted Candy Apple Red, to commemorate my 2014 year of the Red and White-By the Numbers experience.  Here is that one, before it gets painted:

I found this on Craigslist out of state and had my son pick it up for me right before Christmas.  It's "birthdate" is 4/1/1941 and has the lovely Egyptian Scroll faceplate I really love.  The clear coat and decals are about gone, this machine was really used a lot!  But it sews a beautiful stitch and is the perfect candidate for a fancy red paint job.  That will happen sometime this year so stay tuned.

For all my local friends, Diane is willing to come to Huntsville to give a class if we can get a group together who want to learn about their Featherweight machines.  This sewing machine was designed to be maintained by its' owner and it is not Rocket Science, there are just basic steps to take to keep the machine in tip-top shape.  Let me know if you are interested and we'll get a class put together.

Let's Quilt!


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  1. What a fabulous commemorative idea for your Ruby Jubilee! Keep us posted about the Featherweight class. Although I live closer to Winchester than I do to Huntsville, I might drive down for that! Hugs....Margo