Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Post # 200--it's all about that Stella!

This is post # 200, having begun my blog on January 1, 2012.  I enjoy writing it, but obviously don't do it as often as I thought I would.  Sometimes I don't have new quilting stuff to talk about.

This post is about my new granddaughter, Stella LeAnne Wilkins.  She was born June 2, 2015, after 39 hours of labor by her awesome mom, my daughter-in-law,
Lauren.  Our son, Andy, was by her side the whole time and we are so proud of both of them.  Stella was 6lbs. 10 oz., 19.5" long and perfect!

My husband and I got to make a quick trip to St. Louis last weekend to meet Stella.  It took 9 hours up and 8 hours back 2 days later but it was worth it.  My husband has been waiting for grands since Andy graduated from high school, 16 years ago.  He is over the moon with his "Princess".

Little Letters for Stella, made by me for her first quilt

Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!  We love you to the moon and back.

BB and Granddaddy

Here is a cute video our son did to celebrate the baby bump that was to become Stella.  Enjoy!

Now, let's quilt!



  1. How wonderful! You are going to love having a little girl granddaughter. So special.

  2. Congratulations to all the family! What a lovely wee girl who will bring lots of happiness.

  3. Congrats, grandma!! Grandchildren are the best, and this little gal is a beauty.
    Sweet Little Letters quilt you made for Stella.
    Just got back from NH myself, where I welcomed a new granddaughter. I know what you are going through! : )

    1. Thanks, Janet. I've wanted a girl for so long. Can't wait to teach her to sew!

  4. That's awesome! Fun video! Congrats to all!!

    1. Thanks, Lori--my son is very talented with a camera.

  5. Precious baby. 'Love the first quilt you made for Stella. Great photos, thank you for sharing with us :)