Thursday, June 4, 2015

Stars In a Time Warp and More

I love making these 6" blocks from Barbara Brackman.  Called "Stars in a Time Warp", each week on Wednesday Barbara's blog talks about a specific type/style/color of historic fabrics.  We learn a lot this way and the block is every easy to make.  I am making 2 each week so I really use my stash, or at least really get to search through it, as the blocks don't take much fabric.

Here is this week's style:  Neat Stripes:

 In addition, I started reproducing the antique top I bought in Minneapolis--read about it here.  A few blocks so far, being made as leader/ender blocks:

Four Economy Blocks with sashing

It's been fun digging through my stash looking for blues, double pinks, plaids, reds, similar fabrics to the original.  No rush on this one, I am always eager to get a project started then let it sit for awhile as I finish something started before it. 

I'm off to meet my granddaughter, Stella.  Can hardly wait!  Until then,

Let's quilt!


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