Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quilt Guild Yard Sale--Yippee!

After many years, my guild is doing a yard sale again next month, July 16.  I signed up immediately--this was just the nudge I needed to go through my closets, book shelves, bins, boxes, tote bags, everything, to find all the "excess" I can bear to part with. 

The first run through:

 Queen bed covered with books, notions, fabrics, quilt tops and small quilts.  More to come...

One very large bag full of fabric--I confess this was culled from the closet last summer when I last did a clean-up. Read about that here.  It's been waiting for this event to be folded neatly.  Much more fabric will come out of the 220 square feet of closet space in the next 3 weeks.  For now, I'm pleased with my good start.

And I've only been through the bookshelves once--there are more than 350 titles still there so it needs another go-through.  If there is a classic you seek, I just might have it. 

For photos of the studio space when it's ready for guests:  click here.  That would not be what it looks like today--sheesh!

 I hope guild members come prepared to buy--there are some real treasures here.  And I have more than a dozen tote bags--free with a $25 purchase until they're gone. 

Now I have to sew something--found the perfect fabrics for my latest Stars in a Time Warp during this clean up.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Wow! So much fabric. There are some now OPP fabrics I want... 'may email you to see if you have any of them for sale :)

  2. Oh, I meant, "OOP" out of print :)

  3. Wish I could come to your "Yard Sale"!
    Love your studio space. What a joy that must be.

  4. I'm jealous!!! Wish I could shop, too. Lucky guild members, that's all I have to say!

  5. Wish I was close enough to attend!