Thursday, January 21, 2016

In Between Projects

Now that the big Stars in a Time Warp top is done, I've been catching up on smaller projects.  Here is the free motion quilting project I tackled this week on a top completed in 2011:

It's not the best quilting you've ever seen but it's a big step up for me.  Here is a detail:

Each quilt I free-motion quilt with my Bernina Q20 improves my skills.  And that's progress.  Here's the next piece ready for some free-motion magic, a pre-printed panel from 2008:

I did ruler work for all the straight lines around the borders and outside edges.  Now it's time to play with various designs in all the sections of the quilt.  "Cheaters cloth" is great for practicing quilting, either by machine or by hand as there are no seams to distract you, the top is usually fairly inexpensive and the time for top preparation is almost none, just cut back and batting and baste. This was basted with basting spray years ago and was separating so the straight line quilting now holds it all together and I'm ready to free-motion.

As usual, I am chomping at the bit to get back to a few tops that have been in progress too long.  Like:

Replica of antique top I bought in 2015

String Lemoyne Star--12" block

Paducah Round Robin from 2014

And then there is my Diamond Jubilee Feathered Star quilt, intended to celebrate my 60th birthday--that happened 2 years ago--time to get back to THIS one:

The other day I completed this gold star for that quilt--here it is laid out, all the paper pieces ready, then the 3 rows ready to be joined.  Pattern by Sue Garman

And here is the design wall--I need to see something up there, so when Stars in a Time Warp came down, I threw these pieces up.  

None of these are what I'm actually going to work on next.  Stay tuned...

Let's Quilt!



  1. I think your quilting looks great, Barbara!
    You have so many wonderful projects going. I really like the construction method on the feathered star!

  2. Love them! Nice to get some past projects out of the closet and completed!!