Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Finish for 2016

After the fast quilt I had to make last week, I took time to finish hand-quilting and binding this doll quilt:

It is 17.5" x 21.5".  This was a travel project for a while, English Paper Pieced diamonds from my scrap stash.  I used a wool batt which is so lovely to hand quilt through.  In between big quilts, I like to create these little ones, just for fun, and sometimes they become class samples.

My Lifetime Quilt is so bad--it's like Doritos--I cannot STOP!!  As I cut up scraps for projects, I cut some of these baby HST (half square triangles), in pairs, right sides together, ready to piece.  I find myself making more and more of the 10" blocks.  Here are the 8 that are done so far:

That's 40" x 20" though these eight 10" blocks are not sewn together yet.  Since I add more and more fabrics I figured it best to wait until the blocks are done so I can mix the fabrics all over the quilt.  My plan is to make at least 64 of these blocks so this is just a good start.  I love 'em!

And a new start, Circa 2016:

I know I shouldn't but I'm a Temecula Quilt Company junkie, I love each free project they offer. These little blocks are the first two installments of their little Circa 2016 Medallion sampler quilt, 48" x 55". These blocks finish at 2.25". Some blocks will be 3" finished. Simple instructions post each Friday--find out more here:  Circa 2016.  

Let's Quilt!



  1. All so pretty. I esp. love the doll quilt. What interesting English paper pieced diamonds :)

  2. Doll quilt is delightful!! I haven't used wool yet, but sounds like it is great. I love your lifetime quilt project. Somethings just jump out of line, to the front, because they are fun to do!!

  3. Love the little tumbling blocks quilt!
    Oh, your lifetime project is looking SO good!
    Cute little Temecula blocks. I used to give in to their SALs ALL the time, and even make 2 or 3 (or 4) of each. I am trying not to start them now, because I apparently don't know where to stop. But these blocks sure are cute!

  4. The tumbling blocks is beautiful. Whatever would the quilt world do without HST's. Temecula has beautiful quilts

  5. So many cute projects! Love your little tumbling blocks finish. The hst project is moving right along!!

  6. Oh it's funny .... I have made the same (a little bit larger) tumbling blocks ! I made the sandwich last week to quilt it !
    Your quilts are stunning and I love them !