Sunday, March 20, 2016


Yellow is a color I don't use very much, in quilts, in clothing or in decorating.  But when I do use it, I really like it:

Forsythia!  One of those easy-to-grow plants that reminds me of my childhood, we had a couple large bushes in my backyard in Philadelphia.  In 1981 we received a bush from our babysitter as a gift for the baptism of our youngest son, Andy.  I have moved pots of it with us to every house since then and this is the grove we have of it now.  My husband did a major cut-back of it last Spring and this is the result this past week.  Our son has two plants of it at his home in St. Louis--it is a gift that keeps on giving.

I am eager to get back to this quilt:



Ruffled Roses by Sue Garman for The Quilt Show BOM 2011

The quilt was the 2011 BOM for and the pattern is still available at Sue Garman's website.  I have more parts for baskets and the border sections ready to be sewn together, it just needs to become a priority.  Soon, very soon.

Another work-in-progress that has slipped to the very back burner is this round robin piece I started in 2014:

My friends, Ellen and Sharon, and I often do a round-robin project, usually to commemorate a trip we've taken.  This was begun in Paducah 2013.  It's currently 35" square and I don't think this will become significantly bigger, not bed-size.  I just have to study it a bit to figure out what it needs next--so I'm letting it stay up on the design wall so I can ponder the next step.

As I look at these, one reminds me of Spring and one of Fall, so they need to get done so I can have seasonal quilts to hang.  I have a Christmas quilt that goes up December 1.   And for summer I will have this one, when it's done:

This is basted and ready for quilting, a task I will complete this week.

A few years ago we repainted the living room from a plain light beige to this golden yellow:

I still don't know why, since yellow isn't one of my usual colors, but it is the perfect color for this room. Bright in the morning, warm and inviting at night.  A-Round with My Friends looks like it was made for this space, though it wasn't. It has a soft, buttery yellow for the applique' background and an inner border.  Circle Play, above the mantel, was a piece from one of my artsy phases. It has a gold/yellow flange inserted in the black binding, a great pop of color.  I still have a large stash of Oriental prints that haven't seen the light of day in quite a while, guess I need to get back to those too.  So many quilts, so little time...

Do you have a favorite color you use a lot, and one you rarely use?  Do you even think about color?  Of course you do, if you're a quilter.

Let's Quilt!


  1. The parts for your Ruffled Roses are just gorgeous. What a stunning quilt you will have there!
    When you have figured out what your feathered star needs, I can send you mine to take its place on your design wall, and then you can tell me what it needs. : )
    I think yellow rooms are very cheery and cozy--though I don't have one.
    When I start thinking about colors that I use a lot, the list doesn't end. I start out thinking that I play in the gold/mustard/cheddar family frequently. Then I think about all of the black I use--and then there is the purple and green. But I love to dabble in red/white/blue themes. And I do love pink and brown together, though I may not throw them into other quilts as much. But I do love working with blue and brown, too. Let's see, have I left anything out? Oh, white--I don't use much white. Now tan/cream/beige are another thing altogether. *LOL* I'll quit now.

    1. Spoken like a true quilter, Janet, great chuckle!

  2. Oh my Ruffled Roses is amazing! I love the colours you have chosen and those baskets to go in one of the borders are beauties. In fact all the quilts you're posting today are amazing! I have a huge basket of Oriental fabrics which have been sitting in a wire basket for around 5/6 years, I saw a book with the split circles in and always thought I should like to make one, seeing your little beauty has me inspired!!

  3. Your Ruffled Roses piecing is amazing! I need to get back to my project too. . .maybe in the fall? As for color, red is my favorite although I see purples sneak into my work more than red. Yellow is a color I don't use often; but, am trying to change that! --Terry

  4. I love yellow but don't use it much. Great quilts Barbara! I esp like the feathered star.