Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Samples and More Finished

I have been doing some free-motion quilting and finished a class sample and a Comfy Quilt I'll donate at our next guild meeting.

This little runner is a sample for Hexie Stars, a project I am teaching at Open Studios in Chicago next month and at my local quilt shop this summer.  It measures 15"x 32" and the stars are 8" across.  There are kits available so students can starting sew right away AND they get to choose whether to sew by regular hand piecing or to do the star by the English Paper Piecing method.  I'll teach both.
This pattern is by Nellie's Niceties and is available here.  I did ruler work around the stars and a simple free-motion design in the border.  Don't look too close.

The Comfy Quilt is a pre-printed panel I have had for years and finally used to practice free-motion quilting:

It's 35" x 42" and could have used more quilting.  Truth is, I was ready to be finished and it has enough quilting so "Finished is Better than Perfect".  This will be donated as a Comfy Quilt to my guild.  Local First Responders and other agencies that work with children in crisis carry quilts with them to give as a comfort to those in need.

Both of these were bound by machine, a skill that takes practice but is a useful tool for quilts that will either get lots of wear and washing, or just need to be done and don't have to be "quilt-show" worthy.
Today I will quilt a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt and get it bound.  Love checking these projects off  as Done!  I also planned my Summer classes so I can be sure those samples get done on time--Smitten quilting is up next.

We had a fun but brief visit with Stella, our 9 month old grand-girl, this weekend.  Here she is showing off  a couple of her "faces":

Hulk Face, complete with clenched fists
Sweet Face

Always happy early in the morning

Ready for her late morning nap

Let's Quilt!


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  1. We often make machine quilting more intense than it needs to be. : )
    You are really getting some things done! Good for you.
    Oh, Stella is a doll!!