Friday, June 24, 2016

Retreat 2016

Each summer my two best quilting buddies and I get together for a private retreat to sew and catch up.  Ellen lives 2 hours south of here so we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like.  We have a great room to work in at a local church.  We brought healthy lunches to share each day, went out to dinner one night, and Sharon's husband always cooks grilled chicken for dinner one night.  My husband gets to enjoy that meal as well and he looks forward to that.

Here is what I worked on:

Ruby, my painted Featherweight, to commemorate the Red and White Quilt and the year 2014
This is the June segment of Rajah Revisited, the 2016 Block of the Month from . I enjoyed making the 72 units of 2" square in a square by paper piecing--it is precise and allows me to use a wide variety of fabrics efficiently.  There are different ways to make them--that's why there is chocolate AND vanilla--pick the method you prefer.

I started a new class sample, a folded log cabin--I'll save that for another post--when it's farther along.

Then I got to work on a class sample for Fall:  Southern Star by Calico Carriage Quilt Designs.  This is my go-to quilt for gifts--all of our nieces and nephews have received one upon college graduation.  As I've given all of them away, I needed to make another sample.  I got things a bit off-kilter, as Sharon discovered when we were packing up.  My successful full day of work needed some fixing:

It is easy to get these pieces mixed up and I sure did.  So last night I spent some quality time with my stitch ripper and removed the pieces that were turned the wrong way--of course, they were interior pieces, not on the outside edge  AND only 1 star point was correct--UGH!  Boulder, Boulder, Boulder... (That's a big dam...)

 Today I fixed it:

Now it's on to the center. That will be Monday's job.  Tomorrow I teach two quilt classes and Sunday we plan to see a movie--summer heat means movies.

Ellen worked on these and more:

Her Splendid Sampler blocks around a center we all worked on a few years back

Sharon was in heaven making Antique Rose Star blocks, each one more delicious than the last:

And here we are in our send-off selfie:

It's great to spend time with friends.  We're already planning for next year.

Let's quilt!


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  1. How fun to have your own private retreat!
    Beautiful project you worked on. Are there many more rounds to go on it?
    Chuckled over your "Boulder" comment. : )