Thursday, February 9, 2017

What's Under My Needle

Yesterday I put the final stitches in Rajah Revisited:

This was the 2016 BOM from The Quilt Show.  It's 68" square and very cozy.  I love the back fabric--bought at the annual Patches & Stitches New Year's Sale, buy 1 yard, get 1 yard free--I buy almost ALL my backs at that sale.    The quilt was beautifully quilted by Deanna Plotts, a Huntsville long arm quilter.  She used Feathered Curls, one of my most favorite pantographs, and sized it small scale to fit those small pieces.  All in all, I really like this quilt.  While working on this kind of heavily pieced quilt, I often just want it done.  I was at this stage with this one, but now, seeing it finished, I'm glad I persevered.  The center panel came from Quilt and Textile Collections.

What else am I doing?  Stella's Splendid Sampler is almost done--later today I'll make block #99 of 100.  I started the pieced border, designed to use up a bunch of the fabrics in this quilt.  Here you see the process and the huge pile of 1.5" strips I cut.  Looks like there will still be lots of strings left:

The Sunday Sew & Sews met last Sunday to discuss the Halo Star Medallion, Month 2.  In conversation, I learned something new and great to know:  Shelia mentioned she uses her Ipad to print the pattern pages.  That had never occurred to me, I just print from my computer in the studio, and run back and forth across the house to the office where the printer is.  Amazing!  I can print from my Ipad too--it's all on the same network.  I LOVE to learn new technology.  No more running back and forth to check the paper.  The lightweight paper often feeds better one sheet at a time, this tip will be such a help.  Thanks, Shelia!

Be watching tomorrow for the Link Up Party to go live--I am eager to see if there are more than the four people I know for sure who did the Sew-A-Long.  There is a Giveaway for those who post a photo of their finished top.  Of course, if the quilt is finished, that is extra special.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Your quilt looks great! I did not sew along last year with the BOM but actually think I might start now. A little late but getting there.

    1. Thanks. I try to keep up or get hopelessly behind--which is why I still have to finish the 2011 BOM.

  2. Rajah is truly a beautiful quilt. I am so far behind on The Splendid Sampler. Looking forward to the link party tomorrow. Got my top all sewn. Cannot wait to see all of the quilt tops and maybe even a finished quilt.

  3. Great job on the quilt! No wonder you feel so good to have it 100% done! Yay!!!

  4. Rajah Revisited is quite an accomplishment.

  5. How wonderful to have Rajah finished! Stella is going to be wonderful too!

  6. Your Rajah quilt is amazing! Love your WIP's. Running back and forth gives you extra steps though. :)

  7. What a beautiful quilt! I collected the patterns but didn't have time to make it last year. I may need to start now!

  8. So beautiful! I'm kind of wishing I had done that one... I have the patterns so it's never too late. Yours is really inspiring.