Sunday, December 10, 2017

Halo Sunday Sew and Sews--Wait Until You See!

Today was the wrap up of the Halo Sunday Sew and Sews--we had a Christmas party with goodies to eat and quilts to show off.

The food was great but guess what? They brought me a gift!! Behind my back, they had a little project going. Using the fabrics from their Halo Star Medallion quilts, they presented me with this amazing top they made as a group:

What a touching surprise! I love it and all the memories it holds, of friendship, fellowship, love and learning. They suggested I add a border with my fabrics--maybe I will. It's pretty perfect just the way it is. Can't wait to quilt it!

The house was ready:

My Quilt-y Tree with quilt, dragonfly and an A-6 ornaments

The new household tree so Stella can see our family ornaments

And I had gifts for them too:

None of us knew everyone when we first met last January 8, 2017 but we are all members of the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville. We started with 15, one dropped out and today 3 were unable to be here. The 10 who did come brought snacks and I had the hot apple cider ready--it's cold here today!

After we ate and they presented my quilt gift, I pulled their names from a hat and each was able to select any quilt they wanted from these shown in the basket. They couldn't open them, just had to choose from the folded part they could see. The last person thought she would be stuck with the last quilt but NO, she got this:

Halo Star Leftovers 24" x 28" 

So sorry I didn't get a photo of Donna and I with this piece--my leftovers from my Halo Star Medallion quilt. She was happy to get it and I think the others wished they were last. As I made this I knew I was going to give it to one of them, so glad I decided to give everyone a quilt. Just like Oprah said:  you get a quilt, and you get a quilt, and you get a quilt...!

Now to show you the wonderful quilts they made. Each quilter stretched herself and learned a lot, especially how to solve problems when they arise, as they will. Enjoy the show:

Jodie--she said this may be all she does and we assured her that was fine--it's a great quilt just like this

Brenda--she may add just one more narrow border

Pam--love that little green border and the funny story that goes with it

Terri--perfect for a large bed. She may take some of the red border off since she will be paying by the square inch to have it quilted

Jo Anne, sister to Brenda--their competition kept them each going

Donna--another happy quilter who learned a lot

Janet--just wow! Can't wait to see this quilted. I want to see this hanging in Houston 2019 in the Sapphire Celebration for the 45th anniversary of Quilt Festival. She will submit it late in 2018 for consideration.

UPDATE: Sheila wasn't able to join us but in early January she sent this photo of her completed top. She thinks she will leave the corners as is--I love it:

This was a great year for me too--at least my studio got straightened up once a month. These ladies have all become more friends than students and most are already signed up for the 2018 Block of the Month, designed by Edyta Sitar. This time we're meeting at Patches & Stitches so we can accept up to 20 people. Sign up for that class  here. We start January 7, 2018. We will be the Sunday Sew and Sews 2. You must be a Star member of The Quilt Show to participate so you can print your patterns.

Let's Quilt!



  1. Thank you Barbara for showing us the Sunday Sew and Sews quilts. It is inspiring to those of us still plugging along. They are a lucky group to have you as their leader. Thanks for all you have done for us out here with the Halo Medallion.

  2. What talented stitchers these "students" turned out to be and you are a wonderful teacher. Loved looking at their projects.

  3. What lovely, lovely quilts and how lucky the Sew and Sews are to have you as a guide, teacher, and friend.

  4. How thoughtful of your students to gift you a quilt top! And how thoughtful of you to give them each a small quilt!!
    Love the Halo quilts they have created.

  5. Oh how I wish that Huntsville was closer!!

  6. What a great group, nice get together, and gorgeous quilts!

  7. It looks like another resounding success! Their quilts are amazing! The party looks like so much fun- the quilt they made you is so special and lovely. The little quilt gift idea is perfect. I bet they'll treasure them. Merry Christmas.

  8. Beautiful show and so thoughtful of you to give all your participants a quilt!

    I have 1 question: I downloaded month 12 from the website. Turns out it is the introduction. I sent an email. It was rejected. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated and I know, totally above and beyond.

    1. Elle, when you click on "Download Month 12" it takes you to the entire list of all the months--Introduction is at the top, Month 12 is at the bottom. Scroll down and you'll see the link to download Month 12.

    2. Also, please tell me what email you used that was rejected so I can let the folks at The Quilt show know--thanks.

  9. I am still working on my halo medallion quilt and wondered if you knew how the maker of the blue quilt made the blue stripped border near the outside. Can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Thanks.

    1. Janet did Seminole Piecing--bet you can google it for some design ideas.

  10. Hi I’m interested in purchasing this quit pattern. Where can I get it?