Friday, February 1, 2019

SIZZLE--Block 2

This is the  2019 Block of the Month from The Quilt Show. This quilt pattern designed by Becky Goldsmith is FREE to Star Members. Join today  to be part of the fun.

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Block 1  Tips there apply to this month also

If you made Block 1, you will really like Block 2. The Wedges only have 3 pieces, not 4 and the Diamonds are made of 3 sections. The process is very similar to Block 1.

FIRST,  a note about Fabric Selection: If you are using one of the kits, just use the fabrics Becky has designated for each space and the design will be  perfect. If you are using your own fabric, take note of the fabrics Becky selected in either the Warm or Cool Kit. 

For example, in the Cool Kit, Fern, one of the woven cottons, appears in Sections 1, 2 and 3. Whatever fabric you want to use in its' place, be sure you put your fabric everywhere Fern is--this will ensure you get the pattern design. Seaside is used in Sections 2 and 3, the same applies here.  In the Warm Kit, Fern is in Sections 1, 2 and 3 and Sangria is in Sections 2 and 3. Your colors may be completely different, but it is the placement of those fabrics that creates the pattern. 

In the Cool Instructions, Becky writes NOTE: The values in parentheses on the foundation paper-pieces may not match the values of the fabric in the Cool Colorway.  

If using your own fabrics, I suggest you use the words light, medium, dark as a simple guide--as long as there is contrast between the fabrics you choose for the block, the pattern will work. Whether you start with a light or dark fabric for piece #1 in Section 1, just be sure the fabric you choose for pieces #2 and 3 contrast with it--and remember, fabric 2 and 3 have to be the SAME fabric.


Align the #1 fabric on the pattern, being sure the entire piece that needs to be covered, is covered. Remember, butt side of fabric 1 to the butt side of  the paper:

Align #2 fabric with the raw edge of fabric #1, sew, and press toward #2 fabric:

Paper side up, ready to trim #1 Fabric so I can sew #3 Fabric:

I use and love the Add-A-Quarter ruler. Fold back the #3 paper piece on the sewing line, using a post card, then place the lip of the ruler snug against the paper edge, and trim 1/4" away from the sewing line:

This triangle is the excess #1 fabric that is removed--I am saving these for some future project--it meets my "big enough to save" rule--each person has their own standard for this:

 Ready to add #3 Fabric:
 Ready to sew #3 Fabric:

Use a dab of glue stick on the paper, to secure #2 and 3 pieces--this makes cutting the curved edge easier and more accurate:

NOTE: I've been asked about the vellum paper curling--it does. I lowered the heat of the iron just a bit, that helps, and I use those small dabs of glue stick to keep the larger pieces in place. Another trick that can help is to put something on top of the units after pressing--a ruler, a book, a clapper, something to hold the paper flat as it dries from the heat of the pressing. The paper is only on the fabrics for a short while so I have learned to cope with the curling--being able to see through the paper is such a help. Usually, I use newsprint, which does not curl this much, but you can't see through it like you can with vellum.

DIAMONDS:  NOTE--Becky has a great video for the Diamonds--be sure to watch it before sewing this block:  Tips for Making Block 2

The diamonds are made from 3 small sections. For some reason, I found it easy to get confused with Section 2 as to which fabric went where. SO I wrote on the paper with a pencil:  BL for blue, AQ for aqua. GR for green. This really helped me. The one time I didn't, I sewed the AQ where the GR goes--not good, I had to remove them both and re-sew.

HOT TIP: I bet you have colored pencils--quilters love office and school supplies. Here is my Block 2 Warm/Cool combo Diamond pieces--I used colored pencils to quickly mark which fabric goes where on the 3 small sections that make up the Diamond unit. You might notice, the fabric that is FERN in the Kit quilts, is HOT PINK in this version I created. As long as I use it everywhere in the Block where FERN appears, my finished pattern will be correct.

The pencil is marked on the TOP side of the paper so the markings will not touch the fabric:

Back to the Cool Kit Block 2:

The first thing I did was cut out all the fabrics. Keeping them organized with the paper sections they are sewn to helped. After making all the sections, they are trimmed. Because they have 90 degree angles, I carefully set the square ruler with the 1/4" line on the ruler on top of the sewing line, and cut two sides away at a time:

Be sure you trim the point off as shown on the pattern. This makes it very easy to attach sections 1 and 3 to section 2:

Becky has a brilliant way to be sure you sew the sections together in the correct order. Sections 1 and 2 are sewn so the two STARS in the seam allowance are aligned. Sections 2 and 3 are sewn so the one STAR in the seam allowance is aligned. Here are the sections trimmed and ready to be joined:

Remember, every time you sew one paper unit to another, REMOVE  the paper in the seam allowances before the next step.

NOTE: If you want to be sure your Diamonds are the correct size once you have sewn the 3 sections together, compare them to the Diamond pattern from Block #1--they are identical in size.

Once the Wedges and Diamonds are made sew them together exactly as we did with Block #1. This time I followed the directions and sewed the Wedge to the right side of the Diamond:

Four Wedge/Diamond units become a half circle, just like last month:

Make the other half and complete the block exactly as we did last month.

If using either of the Kits, be sure you select the correct Block Corners for the background. The Cool Kit uses two English Cream and two Mist block corners so the block will go on the middle row, left.

As I said last month, if you want to change the block positions, you certainly can--just wait until the circles are all done to decide which you want to place where on the quilt.  If you are using your own fabrics and have decided to only have one background fabric, you can put the blocks wherever you like.

Be sure to post photos on the Forum to share your progress. I also encourage you to check the Forum frequently--that is the first place new tips are posted. And you can ask questions there--you might get several good answers. We want you to be successful and happy with this quilt--it really teaches us a lot.

The first day someone asked for a Coloring Page/Line Drawing to play with arranging fabrics, not from the Kits. Becky made that available and that news was posted on the Forum right away. The drawings will remain available under the Month 1 downloads.

Let's quilt!



  1. I almost wish I was making this with you (almost). Your instructions are always so concise, I believe I could do it!

    1. Of course, you could. Maybe you'll decide to jump in later, when you get a few more things done. Even making one is fun--a great center for a holiday quilt.

    2. Janet I know you could make these blocks. There are so many excellent directions with Barbara always there to guide you. Try the first block, you will be so proud. I know I am!

  2. More great information. Can’t wait to get started today and to meet with the Sunday Sew and Sews tomorrow!

  3. bernina 1240 will not move thru paper and vellum when sewing changed needle foot but it will not feed thru vellum on both sides
    any idea how to fix
    do i have to lift the feed dogs higher and am i the only one with this problem

  4. Judy, your question makes it sound like you have vellum on BOTH sides, is this right? We only use the vellum, it is on top so presser foot and needle got through vellun, with two fabrics underneath. I used a 1230, then 630, now 765 with no problem paper-piecing, using either vellum or paper. I use the 1/4" foot, 97D on my 765.

    If that is not what you are saying, please ask again.