Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Southern Super Star

I have started on a new project--making a Southern Super Star. The pattern is from Calico Carriage Quilt Designs. They sell individual patterns for an 80" square quilt or a different pattern for a 40" square. You are better off buying the booklet shown in the link to get a variety of sizes and ideas.

This Amish variation is mine--I have given away several of these and wanted one I could have for my own:

This is my "go-to" giveaway quilt. I  have made at least seven of them for nieces and nephews as college graduation gifts. The top can be made in a weekend, if you don't have to cook, and as I make them about 75" square they don't cost a tremendous amount to have quilted. That size is also not too hard to quilt yourself, as I will do with this one.

The latest one, 74" square. It turned out a bit more gold than I expected;

Over the years I have taught this many times--in the one-day class students learn how to make all the parts and can complete it easily at home. They are always surprised how fast it goes together. Several students have gone on to make more. It is easy to make them in college colors--I  have seen Super Stars for Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, lots of schools. This will be on the summer 2019 class schedule if you are interested.

You make some of these:

And you make some of these:

And you make some of these:

Put them all together and you have this:

Add as many borders as you like to make it the size you want and the top is done. The size of the triangle units can also change the size of the overall star.

I have written about this class before, here is one such post: Class for Southern Super Star. And a few photos of these quilts:

Given to a  nephew

Student work by Donna D
Given to a niece

Given to a niece
It is fun to make this quilt as a gift for a specific person. Choosing colors that mean something to them makes it personal. There is a page in the booklet that helps keep you organized. I have saved most of them; that's good, because I don't have photos of all of the finished quilts I have given away:

Now to get this one quilted, bound and gifted.

THEN, it's time to finish the Lifetime Quilt so I can have my design wall back. Only 512 triangles left to make the final 20" x 20" block:

Let's quilt,



  1. Those are great star quilts. So many ways to make it twinkle with different color schemes.
    LOVE the Lifetime Quilt! That is so exciting to be so close to finished!

    1. Thanks, Janet. Now I have to figure out what the next Lifetime quilt will be.

  2. Both beautiful quilts Barbara. I especially love the navy and gold star. Great idea to make one in college colors. My alma mater's colors are red, white and blue so that would also look patriotic.