Wednesday, May 29, 2019

You Know You Are In Texas

When you see this:

Yes, I know there is one in AL and in FL but when in Texas, you must stop at Buc-ee’s.

When the speed limit is 85, you’re in Texas.

When you see longhorn cattle grazing, yep, it’s Texas.

When you see signs for towns named Gonzales, Goliad, and Cuero, and you remember the Alamo, yes, you are definitely in Texas.

I love to visit Texas and this trip was no exception.

The Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria invited me back and I was delighted to come. Technical assistance was provided by Regina:

Quilts laid out for display:

After lunch, the workshop began--Texas Braid, a pattern by Bonnie Hunter. There were many great color combinations.

Dreamsicle and Limeade:

 Scrappy to the max:

 Pink and Purple and Turquoise, oh, my:

Kim was a little on the wild side:

Lynn had such a beautiful palette and it matched her blouse:

The second day a lot of progress was made and they learned how to cut the long stripped panels for sewing together and how to add triangles to the upper ends so you have straight of grain there, just like at the bottom. 

When I discussed how to pin all those intersections for precision piecing, someone asked "Could you add sashing between the rows?" Why, yes, you certainly could.  That wouldn't have occurred to me but here is what you get:

Anna's laid out with the light fabrics in the middle:

How Anna chose to sew the first panel, with the dark fabrics in the middle. Of course, the next sewing will join the light fabrics, with the turquoise sashing in the middle there too:

Lynn is making a table runner--she is almost done. All she has to do is add the red sashing in the middle. She will bind it with the same red:

The advantage to using sashing is you save tons of time NOT pinning all those intersections and it is very forgiving. Just be sure you cut the sashing exactly to size so everything stays true--don't just add a long sash and whack off the excess--that will make things wonky.

Here is the group the start of day two:

Quilters work best on a full stomach. Here is what came in the morning of day two:

And here is what I had. Those black grapes were amazingly delicious:

On my way back to Austin the last day, I tried out Kreuz' Market in Lockhart for brisket. There was a line at 11 am, and you order, pay and pick up your meat in the pit area--so my clothes smelled like smoked meat ALL DAY. Boy, was it good. No pictures because if you love smoked meat, they would make you cry. I have now been to Smitty's, Black's and Kreuz', all in Lockhart. No real favorite, it's all good.

Can't wait to go back again. My trips to Texas are very special to me.

Let's quilt!



  1. The stars at night are big and bright. I love Texas, too! Raised in Houston, Texas til I was 14. Every week we'd have bbq on one night. Yum. I'd go back except for the bugs of East Texas. Still have family there so I do visit. Great quilt work. I like that sashing down the middle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Spent my whole life in the Houston area! Did you get a chance to taste their Hippo breakfast burritos? Yummmmmm!