Wednesday, May 1, 2019

SIZZLE---Block 5

This is the  2019 Block of the Month from The Quilt Show. This quilt pattern designed by Becky Goldsmith is FREE to Star Members. Join today  to be part of the fun.

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This month we work on on another block that has mostly straight narrow strips of fabric. One little twist--the Top and Bottom Diamonds are mirror images of each other. As Becky says, "the paper does the work"--just be sure to keep your fabrics numbered and organized:

Let's start with the Wedges, they're easy:

Fabric 1 is darker than Fabric 2. I placed them right sides together, and carefully aligned the center line on the wedge with the pair--keeping the raw edges lined up with the dashed line. BE SURE you have Fabric 1 under the paper where Fabric 1 goes--it would be very easy to get the two fabrics mixed up:

NOTE: there is not much extra length so be sure the back side of Fabric 1 completely fills piece 1, including the seam allowances.

Also, the stiletto is pointing to the tip of the Wedge--the circle at the tip does not apply to this seam, it is for the seam that joins this wedge to a diamond later. You can tell that because there is a straight solid line that goes all the way through the seam allowance to the outside, past that circle. Sew this first seam all the way to or just past both seam allowances, outside to outside.

Here the first two fabrics are trimmed, waiting for the two "wings" to be attached:

Here the wings are in place, the right angle edges were trimmed with a rotary cutter and ruler and the curved edge was cut with Karen Kay Buckley scissors--I love how well them cut these curves, no slipping, and I am sure the cut is correct. If I tried to cut this curve with a rotary cutter, I am not certain I could get it this perfect, so I am sticking with the scissors. Braveheart Becky has no trouble using her rotary cutter, I salute her! Do what works for you.

On to the Diamonds:

As with the Wedges, put Fabrics # 1 and 2 rights sides together. Be sure the back side of Fabric #1 is placed on the paper, under the Fabric #1 location. And be sure it completely fills the space of Fabric #1, including seam allowances:

The strips are narrow so you will have very little excess to trim away after sewing each seam. These are easy and sew together quickly.

 I made a Top and Bottom half of the Diamonds at one time--not all the tops then all the bottoms. Making only one top and and bottom each time, insured I would not accidentally sew two Tops or two Bottoms together. This is what you want:

 NOTE: when you sew the Top and Bottom halves together, this is one long seam, outside to outside, NOT stopping at the Circle. The Circle is used when this Diamond is sewn to a Wedge. When you trim these, be sure to trim the little spots at both ends--this makes it easy to align the two halves:

Press 4 of the Diamonds with the center seam going UP, and 4 of them with the seam going DOWN--this will be very helpful when constructing the full circle. Add a Wedge to the Right side of each Diamond:

What could possibly go wrong? What NOT to do:

Fabrics are lined up correctly--BUT I sewed on the WRONG seam line

Going in the WRONG direction--sigh...
As usual, make two halves, join them together, remove all the paper, add the Block Corners and Block 5 is done. By now, this finishing part is probably something you understand and are able to do without much thought. Pin, stitch slowly, keeping the two edges aligned, and there you go!

See you next month when we make Block 6--you are really going to like that one.

Let's quilt!


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