Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 If you are still here, working on Afternoon Delight, it's time for 2 more applique blocks and, maybe, more Double 9 Patch blocks, if you didn't rush through all 64 of them. 

One of these applique blocks is really pretty easy, the other one, not so much. Can you tell which is which? Here are mine from the Sample quilt made last year with help from the Sunday Sew and Sews.

Block 29: Take this one slow. Carefully cut out all those petals and take care as you put it in place on the background. Sue even says you can substitute a different circle around the center heart if this just looks too difficult:

Block 30:  Sue says you can applique the buds on top of the bud stems, as was done here, OR reverse applique the buds under the bud stems. Either way will look just fine: 

We will soon be unveiling the 2021 Block of the Month quilt, designed by Australian Designer, Wendy Williams. I made the quilt from the same Kit fabrics we will be offering with a small change to the fabric choice I made for the very center. It is an exciting design, that many people are going to LOVE! About as different from this year as can be. And we use a new-to-me technique I love. How about a teaser?

If you haven't renewed your membership, now is the time. The super special "Stay at Home" price will not be there forever--6 months for $19.95 or 12 months for $39.95. They will add your subscription to the end of your current term, no need to wait until your subscription runs out.  Renew Now

AND NOW IS THE TIME TO REMIND EVERYONE---the patterns for Afternoon Delight are ONLY AVAILABLE FREE until December 31, 2020. After that The Quilt Show no longer has the right to provide them--that right reverts to the designer--so you will have to buy them after this year ends. Print them now if  you ever think you will want to make this quilt. Hard drives crash and then you lose them all, we cannot provide them to anyone after December 31, 2020 for ANY reason. 

Be sure to post photos of your work on the Forum--everyone loves to see what you are doing: Afternoon Delight Forum 

Let's quilt.



  1. an easy way to get the layout correct is to place the background square over the paper pattern on a light box.

  2. Who doesn't love a star? can't wait til next year! but still working on this years, with a twist...painting the appliques!