Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Charity Quilts and the Joy of Giving

 Sunday was the day the Sunday Sew and Sews presented Janet's daughter, Nancy, with the 52 Charity quilts Janet had begun. Janet passed away suddenly in February 2020, from a stroke, and this project needed to be adopted.

I have written about this several times:  A Quilters Legacy is the comprehensive post about this project. The Sunday Sew and Sews took on completing all of the quilt tops--quilting and binding them all. It was our way to honor Janet as our friend, and pass on the good wishes in these quilts she so wanted to share. 

Of course, it's the time of COVID so we met at my  home wearing masks. Do you recognize anyone?

How about now? That's better. Masks off for the photo: 

It is hard to see the scope of all the quilts here--52 in various sizes. Some are perfect for NICU donations, some for hospitalized children and a few are large enough to make good donations to the local Veteran's home.  A few more shots of the big pile:

Janet designed this very simple quilt specifically for her donation quilts--so easy to make, simple to finish and the perfect size for a young child. She called it the "Sawtooth Star Baby Quilt". This one is "fancied up" a bit with Seminole piecing borders, a technique Janet was very fond of. This quilt is 35" square:

Here is one I finished, from the giveaway Janet did for the Sunday Sew and Sews last summer. I wrote about that here: What Did I Keep?

Nancy has the huge task of settling Janet's estate. She is not a quilter but she appreciates the passion for and love of quilting her mother had in abundance. And she appreciates the work that was put forth to bring Janet's donation project to completion. Totally unexpected, Nancy came loaded with Thank You bags that she shared with everyone, including the two who couldn't make it. Inside were 6 Baby Bites cakes and a gift card to Starbucks. Nancy handing out the goodies:

Next week the quilts will be presented to Madison/Huntsville Hospital for distribution to patients there. We know these quilts will bring joy to those who receive them and we are all happy to celebrate the life of our friend Janet in this way. 

You learned it a long time ago: "Tis better to give than to receive". Completing this project brought joy to us as well. Do something kind for someone today. It matters. 

And wash  your hands.

Let's quilt,



  1. You ladies are awesome. I learned early on that the quilting community is the most generous and caring people I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. You all keep proving that đŸ’•

  2. Please know that those of us who wish we could be a "Sunday Sew and Sew" are in awe of what your group accomplished. Although I never met Janet, her blue and white Halo Medallion with the Seminole border will live on in my memory...and now I have used Seminole borders in her honor in my quilting.

    1. She would be so pleased to know she Inspired you.

  3. I recognize my friend Joan Cook even with the mask. ;-) What an amazing project. The designs are so varied.

  4. What a wonderful ending to this project. I have been following along from the time you started featuring it in your blog. Does the soul good to see such kindness directed at the less fortunate. We quilters really do have kind hearts. Thank you.

  5. That's so awesome ... it really brought tears to my eyes to see all love and work put into those quilts and finishing something Janet was obviously incredibly passionate about! Amazing! ♥

  6. I recognize you, Barbara. :)
    That is a lot of quilts! You ladies did a wonderful think to finish them up.

  7. What a wonderful tribute to a lost friend.