Sunday, September 20, 2020

Keeping Busy

 Recently, a non-quilting friend was surprised I was still busy making things since the "Secret Sewing" was finished and the taping of The Quilt Show was behind me. 

I am a "maker", that's what I do. There are far more quilt projects to be made than I can possibly get done in my lifetime so I just keep going. If you are a quilter, you get it. If you are not, you never will.

With the COVID shutdown of so much in the last 6 months, I had 3 ongoing local quilt classes that did not get all the sessions in. This week I have been working to see how to remedy that. Two of them will meet at my house for a couple hours, masks required, and the other one will meet at the local shop where it was scheduled--they have a large classroom but we are still limiting attendance to 6 people, masks required. For those students who do not want to meet in person, I will make special arrangements to connect with them privately.

Here is my sample from Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, it's 42" square. I was asked to teach this as a 6 month lecture/demo class where all the sewing is done at home. That has been a very popular class style for me with local students who want to make a project that will take a long time, like a Block of the Month quilt. I broke the classes down into techniques: precision piecing, paper piecing, applique', etc.

My instructions are comprehensive, helping students avoid pitfalls and learn how to be successful as they progress through the project. These classes often create friendships as students learn about each other too. I start a Facebook private group where they can share photos and ask questions as they come up, instead of waiting for the next months' class session.

I am eager to see how the students in all 3 of the classes have progressed though I know some put them away to work on other things, or lost interest, or even finished their quilt and have moved on.

Natalia Bonner's 9 PatchALong is really fun and I am enjoying that--9 videos of block designs using her rulers over 5 weeks, free on YouTube, a new block each Tuesday and Thursday. She has a Facebook group and people post their progress there if they like. She often offers a panel you can buy so you don't even have to piece a quilt top if you don't want. I dug out my Amish solids bins and created a simple top--the blocks are 12". I wish I had made the sashing/border wider--mine are only 1.5" finished.

Here's where I am so far, with 3 more designs to come:

Next up I am starting a new quilt, with 1800's reproduction fabrics that I am eager to get to. And I have two more large quilts to quilt and bind in the next month so I am plenty busy.

What are you making?

Let's quilt.



  1. Hi Barbara! I am making a blue and cream BOM from a local shop, Pieceful Gathering. It is reproduction fabrics and an original design from the owner, Katie Solberg. Will be on my bed next spring! Also, decided to go back to cross stitch. My Halo Medallion has a cross stitch label!

    1. I loved that shop, I think you took me there. Eager to see yours.

  2. I understand completely...I am also a maker. I have at least six works in progress. It’s all I can do to not jump into a newly released pattern that caught my attention. Being retired I have the luxury of sewing daily. I also am able to set a project aside and take a break then come back to it. It’s what works for me. Can’t wait to take another class with you. Take care and keep sewing.

  3. Your sample from the Sampler is exquisite! I'm a maker too...but I just can't be in my Nook right now. It's too messy and too I don't know. I'm doing lots and lots of handwork right now!! :)

  4. I am working on camper quilts for my grandsons, finishing an ABC quilt.for the youngest grandchild, need to bind my patriotic pineapple, trick or treat bags, Happy Birthday pillow cases for the grandkids and still the occasional mask. Just finished designing a quilt for our bed, expanded a pattern keeping the center medallion; but the rest is my own design. I was inspired by a fabric I found. Have purchased fabric and cut. Want to piece a quick nine patch for the ruler class and last, but not least a quilt for my oldest. Ha, I better get busy!

  5. Pillow cases for the gulf coast.