Sunday, May 30, 2021

A Visit With Friends

 A few weeks ago an old friend asked if she and her husband could stop by for an overnight visit as they returned home from a three week trip out West. I was excited to have them visit. The last time I saw Tom was 22 years ago, at their North Carolina home, when Eileen had me come teach workshops for her guild. I see Eileen every other year at International Quilt Festival:

Eileen and Tom with their traveling home

Eileen and I have known each other since Kindergarten. We grew up 3 blocks apart and went all through public school together. After college, she went in the Navy Nurse Corps, I went in the Marine Corps. We both married Marine Lieutenants from Alabama. We both had sons. We both waited a while for the blessing of grandchildren and are now happily grandmothers: BooBoo and BB.

Maybe most importantly, we both became quilters. Eileen is mostly an Art Quilter, who has works in galleries and public buildings in several locations. Check out her work on her website Fiber Art Quilts

From big works, like Schools Out (SOLD) 62" x 66":

To small works like these:

I am pleased to have bought two of her small pieces over the years--they remind me of my happy place--the beach. I especially love the bits of driftwood and shells she incorporates in her art:

Though they were only able to stay about 18 hours, we had a great reunion. My husband and I enjoyed hearing their "travelogue"--they had been on the road in their Winnebago for 3 weeks. I snagged two photos she posted on Facebook, terrain I have never seen:

Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah

A Slot Canyon--yes, some people really can slip through there

We enjoyed a good German dinner at a small local spot. They can't get authentic German cuisine in their coastal NC area. After a good night's rest, we enjoyed a simple breakfast in our dining room with more discussion, mostly about our military days. 

Then  it was time for them to hit the road, hoping to make it home in one long day. One last hug:

Eileen wanted you to see what kept her busy on the many hours Tom spent driving. Like most of us, she was sure to have handwork with her on vacation:

We hope to get together again, at their home next time, with far less than 22 years between visits. 

Old friends are great, old quilter friends are the best!

Let's quilt.



  1. Friendships are our most treasured relationships. Love the two beach pieces you managed to acquire. So beautiful!

  2. What a blessing to have such a wonderful lifelong friend.

  3. Come visit me Barbara, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. And I belong to a smallish quilt guild, based on Ramstein Air Base! Wonderful to have lifelong friends, and pick up, even after years.

  4. You are lucky to share a lifelong friendship like that. And how fun that you each ended up being a talented quilter, but in different styles. Her work is beautiful, as is yours.