Sunday, May 16, 2021

Looking Ahead

 Things are starting to look up now as more than half of all eligible Americans have received at least one vaccine shot. I hope many more do so in the coming months.

This Fall sees the return of International Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival:

The deadline to enter the Judged Competition is May 27--all details HERE.

I will be there for 13 days as I enjoy the Special Exhibit "My Joyful Journey", featuring 22 of my quilts, from the somewhat humble early pieces to the four that have won Best of Show in previous judged shows. It shows my journey and progress as a quiltmaker. I hope I get to see you there.

Quilter's Select, by RNK Distributing, is the wonderful company that has agreed to sponsor my exhibit. I use and love their products, Quilter's Select Threads, Rulers, Rotary Cutters, Mats, and an ever-growing list of excellent quality and well-thought out notions and sewing supplies. Here are some I am using right now:

The most important thing now is to figure out how to box up 22 big quilts. My husband and I will be driving them down--they have to be there by early July. That will be quite a lot of boxes. A few are currently on the walls in my home, several are laid out on the extra spare bed and the rest are folded in a large bookcase. Wonder if I will miss them when 22 are out of the house.  After Festival  they will be shipped back to me. 

In August I will be flying to Rhode Island to present a lecture and an all-day workshop for the Ninigret Quilters. In late August I will be flying to Dallas to tape The Quilt Show again--really looking forward to both of those. In September it's a trip to Houston to lecture and teach for the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. 

In addition to all the planning for these events, we have been doing some sprucing up of the front porch. I love the painted red front door and the painted battleship gray floor, which looks more blue than gray. Goes well with the "haint blue" ceiling. Add some new cozy furniture and cushions and we have a lovely spot to sit outdoors--only took 21 years to get it this way:

Being close to our grandkids is fun when we get to go to dance recitals and an outdoor lunch. Almost 6 year old Stella did a great job on a big stage, smiling and dancing through the whole number. High School Drama Club is sure to be in her future:

Sweet almost 3 year old Sam, is such a cuddle bug, eager for hugs and kisses. He did great sitting still on the front row and watching all the dancers. He thought the soloists were "pretty". He loves his PopPop:

I hope your life is starting to open up too and we can meet again as we, hopefully, cross paths in the future.

Let's quilt.


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  1. What a sweet little dancer. You can tell she was really enjoying her performance. Nice that her grandparents could be there to see. Sounds like your "dance card" is quickly filling up with classes, lectures, and the show. 'Bout time, eh?