Wednesday, May 12, 2021

In the Works

 At night I like to have hand work I can stitch on, to help me stay awake until the late news.

Here is a small quilt I hand-pieced and am now hand-quilting. Wool batting is so luscious for quilting:

Hexie Stars

Recently I started quilting "Hummingbird Hollow", the variation of Afternoon Delight my friend Janet came up with. Still have to decide what curvy design I want in the white squares and if I want to do any curvy quilting in the floral blocks--they do have cross hatch quilting through them:

Hummingbird Hollow in quilting process

When I think about gifting a quilt to a friend, this is why I want them to have a quilt I made:

A big project of Secret Sewing has just begun that has kept me VERY busy the past week and will occupy most of my time for the foreseeable future. Can't share but it's really good.

What are YOU working on? I hope it's something fun and enjoyable. 

Let's quilt.



  1. Your Hexie Stars are beautiful! Definitely on my "someday" list! Love the sentiment on the board...that's exactly how I feel. The only quilt I've ever handquilted to gift was for my now DIL...she was the only person I've ever felt was handquilting worthy as she is an artist and understands!

  2. Both quilts are beautiful. Wondering what you're secretly working on ....

  3. Two very special projects for hand quilting!
    I like the reasoning for gifting a quilt. :)

  4. Barbara, I love these! I used to ONLY hand-quilt in the "olden days" LOL I admire your handiwork and am constantly amazed at your projects.

  5. Can't wait to see your "secret project"