Sunday, November 14, 2021

Houston--What I Bought-- Part 3

 My final post about International Quilt Festival 2021. This will show my purchases.

Having put myself on fabric restriction, I didn't look at or buy any fabric. The closets are full and begging for the "de-stash" process to begin. 

Instead I bought thread. So now I am on "thread restriction" too. Superior is my thread of choice. This isn't all of it: 

Always looking for more rulers/templates for ruler work, I bought these two. Now I am eager to try them out: 

And I bought a book full of good quilting ideas for pieced blocks. Deciding what to quilt is the most challenging part for most of us--this will help:

That would have been enough for this trip but then I saw an antique quilt I really liked. It has two things I love in antiques--flying geese and LOTS of fabrics. The dealers are lovely people, Carolyn and Don Springer, Quilts from Mulberry Lane

The tag from the dealer said it was a Mennonite quilt, made by Ada Wadell of Carlisle, PA. It is 72" x 78" and in excellent condition. A quick search for Ada Wadell or Waddell in PA hasn't been successful yet but I'll keep looking. I grew up in PA and took a Girl Scout trip to Lancaster County, PA that first introduced me to quilts and started my passion for them: 

Border quilting: 
The rest of the quilting is two concentric circles with a few small stitches in the center of each:

Sometimes the geese change direction for no apparent reason: 

Wonderful collection of old fabrics--she had a deep stash too, just like I do:

The back--three widths of this fabric, the middle one is 25.5" wide. The binding is the back turned over to the front:


The perfect addition to my small antique collection. This just might be my Next Lifetime Quilt!

Let's quilt.



  1. Where is part 1 and 2 of what I bought? I would ALWAYS stock up a whole year of thread at Superior booth! Good choices!!

  2. forgot to say you will LOVE the Ribbon candy ruler. All of Amanda's rulers are awesome to use!

  3. Oh that Quilt!!! Had I been there we may have had to resort to a Thumb Wrestling Match to determine where it would live.
    I am curious about the wavy ruler, I can make out the name.

    1. The more I study it, the more I love this quilt.

      The wavy ruler is the Ultimate Spine-Vine Corner Tool--Small designed by Linda Thielfoldt--The Quilted Goose.
      It will make it easy to quilt a spine for making feathered borders or any kind of curved edge for borders. At 50% off it was worth a try.

  4. I think I need to be on a fabric moratorium. Or get in gear and rehome some, or make some charity quilts. The quilt you got is Gorgeous!